WWDC is always an exciting event for Apple users and enthusiasts. In their annual event, Apple announces some of their key products for the year and 2017’s keynote was no exception. Here we’ll split the proposed products into two different categories, 1. Hardware and 2. Software.



Probably the most anticipated product of the launch was this toaster size smart speaker unit. Powered by Apple’s A8 processor, this little piece of magic promises best in class audio output. It packs a 4-inch woofer with 7 tweeters for pristine playback, and 6 microphones to interact with world’s most popular digital assistant, Siri. Siri, which is now smarter than ever, will answer all the regular queries and will allow the user to control Apple Music through voice commands only. HomePod will also be spatially aware and will adjust the sound according to the size and shape of the room. It’s tentative release date is around December 2017 and will cost USD $349.

New iPad Pro

It’s been a long time coming, and now, it’s finally here. The revamped, gorgeous, iPad Pro. It’ll have two display options – the 12.9-inch sporting 2732 x 2048 resolution and the 10.5-inch with an equally impressive 2224 x 1668 pixels. Both devices sport incredibly thin bezels, HDR video support and 120Hz native refresh rate. The devices will be powered by Apple’s latest A10X Fusion processor and will have storage options running up to 512 gigs. It will sport a 12 MP rear shooter, same we get in the iPhone 7. The 10.5-inch version will start from USD $649, and the 12.9-inch from USD $799.

iMac Pro

The idea was to pack a workstation in an all-in-one. The solution? The all new iMac Pro(now in Space Grey). It will sport a 27-inch 5k display with options to add a couple more. New iMac Pro will be powered by Intel’s Xeon(8, 10, 18 cores) processor and will have a minimum of 32GB of RAM(up to 128 GB). For storage, it’ll have 1TB(up to 4TB) SSD to boot, and Radeon Vega to satisfy all graphical demands. The iMac Pro will go on sale from December and is priced at USD $5000 for the base(Xeon 8 cores, 32GB, 1TB, Vega 8GB) variant.



iOS 11

iOS is probably the finest tuned OS there is and Apple has acknowledged that through this update. This update won’t have major reshuffles but will offer some minor tweaks all over. UI won’t change for the most part, but the control centre gets a facelift. It will now have all the controls on one page making life easier. There’s also a new Do Not Disturb feature. Your iPhone will automatically sense when you’re driving and will enable DND to prevent distractions.

iOS 11 will also improve multitasking on iPads, finally enabling them to take on modern pcs. Split screen makes switching between apps a rather breezy task, and new handwritten text, which will be recognised as text from now on, will make taking notes more realistic. Appstore’s also been redesigned and will feature ‘App of the Day’ from now on.

High Sierra

Yes, that’s the name of the new MacOS. Apple thinks Sierra is already a great OS and there’s no need for major revamping. The core of the OS will be kept intact, just some minor tweaks and enhancements to make it all the more efficient. High Sierra will have a reworked photo editing app, a new file manager and extensive support for VR.

WatchOS 4

Smartwatches are dying, but Apple’s certainly doing their part to prolong their stay. New WatchOS will bring some new faces, monthly fitness challenges to motivate users, and a reworked music app. Maybe it’s not goodbye after all.