After India’s announcement of surgical strikes against terrorist launch pads in Pak-Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan has gone to great lengths to deny the claims of any strikes. Though countries like Russia, Bangladesh, USA have believed and supported the claim, the opposing parties in India too have hummed Pakistan’s tunes. Since the video footage of the surgical strikes will only escalate the war-like tension between the neighboring countries, being a responsible nation, India hasn’t yet released the video footage. However, Indian Armed Forces have given green signal for the release of the video footage. The final decision on the matter rests with Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Russia Openly Supports India’s Surgical Strikes

According to a top-strategist in the army, India has sufficient evidence to prove the surgical strikes happened and that they were highly effective. There’s video footage as well as photographs, shot by both ground troops and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that were deployed to monitor the operation.

“There is no doubt at all that the strikes inflicted heavy damage. Proof is available with the government that clearly shows our troops engaging the targets effectively.”

The decision on whether or not to release the strike footage will depend on the larger call on likely Pakistani response. As mentioned earlier, releasing the footage at this time will only escalate the tension between the two countries. The footage, if released, will be a definite proof of Pakistani government in bed with terrorist entities, which they have so far vehemently declined. Not only Pakistan, but India will also be affected by release of the footage. Through the video, terrorist entities can gather ample information like army’s strategy, equipment used, and most importantly, the identity of army personnel involved in the strike. PMO will have to measure all these risks carefully before publicly releasing the footage.