Baba Vanga, the Bulgarian blind mystic who died in 1996 started making predictions about the future when she was 16. Also called the “Nostradamus of the Balkans” , Baba Vanga’s 85% of the predictions have come true till date. She was the one to predict the fall of the Twin Towers and the 2004 Tsunami.


Here are 10 predictions made by her-

1. The 44th US President 

She had predicted that the 44th & last president of the U.S would be an African-American.  And we had Barack Obama. Since she also added he would be the last, we have Trump as the U.S president now. What she meant will only be revealed by time.1000509261001_2008586720001_bio-barack-obama-sf-fix-retry

2. A world without Europe

Baba Vanga envisioned that Europe will cease to exist by 2016 and BREXIT happened. She also added that chemical weapons will be used against Europe by extremists groups.brexit

3. The rise of a new superpower- 

According to her forecasts, China will take over as a new superpower in 2018 and the U.S domination on the world will end.chinasp

4. Europe invasion by Muslims

She halsened that widespread destruction will be caused by extremists groups in Europe.blind-mystic-baba-vanga-predicted-europe-will-be-overrun-by-muslim-extremists-by-2016-408402

5. Venus venture

As per Baba Vanga’s predictions, humans will travel to Venus in search of new energy resources and of possible, might set up a colony there.venus__earth_compared_600

6. The new capital of the caliphate

She predicted that Rome will become the new capital of the Caliphate after Islamic invasion of Europe would end.1600x600_rome_evening

7. Under water life-

Baba Vanga said , by 2130 , humans will learn how to live under the water with aliens assistance.this-extraordinary-underwater-museum-will-make-you-speechless

8. Melted ice caps – 

According to her prognosis, the ice caps will melt by 2045. Given the rise in the rate of rising global warming, her prediction seems to be a real possibility.article-2372487-1aec892a000005dc-272_634x427

9. A world of communism

As per her predictions, by 2076 Communism will take over Europe and eventually the rest of the world.127_communist_world

10. The end of Earth

She also predicted that Earth will cease to exist by 3797. However, by then humans will start a new life in different planets with the help of technology.