Bastille have been uploading covers on You Tube, and in a seemingly increasing trend, they covered a song by a popular artist. ‘Passenger’ went down the same route before releasing their latest album, probably to keep the traffic flowing and Bastille seems to be doing the same. Bastille’s version of the song is right below and Green Day’s version follows a little deeper.

Basket Case:

“Basket Case” is one of the most heard songs by punk-rock band Green Day. While Bastille’s rendition may not be as pumped up or infused with catchy drum rolls, they do have a new take on the song. Any version of a song by Green Day is welcome as long as it isn’t screwed up. Bastille do justice to the song, but the version by Green Day will still be the better and more preferred one because of the essence of the song – punk rock.

You can listen to Green Day’s version down below: