Title: Batman Earth One Vol. 2

Author: Geoff Johns

Artists: Gary Frank

Publisher: DC Comics

Format: Paperback/Hardcover

No. of Pages: 158

Batman earth one


With Earth One Vol. 2 , The Riddler has arrived in Gotham and he’s terrorizing the city with his own twisted brand of anarchy. But why is he attacking now, and what is his endgame? The Riddler isn’t Batman’s only problem, as Killer Croc is on the streets and his violent crimes can’t be ignored. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight has trouble reconciling the increasingly conflicting ideologies of Alfred Pennyworth and James Gordon in this gripping re-imagining of the Batman mythology.
Writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank bring you Batman as you’ve never seen him before in this thrilling original graphic novel that continues their unique take on the Dark Knight.


For those who are not familiar with DC’s Earth One, Its a fresh take and re-imagining of DC’s characters which takes place aside from main continuity. Its essentially a neat way for writers to take on DC’s character and pave way for new reader to get into DC comics without any constraints of tie-ins and complexity in stories. These books are published in graphic novel format so there are limited pages in which writers have to imagine the full scope of a story. So far the characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Teen Titans have made their debut in Earth One, while Flash and Aquaman remains in active development.

earth one

Geoff Johns makes it clear that his Batman is not the one we see in the main continuity of DC. His story is about the journey of an inexperienced Batman, who is just starting his crime fighting career towards becoming the experienced and skilled Dark Knight, we know in mainstream mediums. This Batman is not even a detective yet, he is not aware of his own scope of the things he is capable to do and that’s what Batman Earth Ones are about. To see him grow, explore his abilities and unfold his capabilities, as the tagline of the book itself says ‘The Dark Knight must answer the greatest riddle of all: Who Is Batman?”

earth one

Riddler act as the main villain in this story while Killer Croc is a misunderstood guy with skin condition. It is also the origin of Harvey Dent’s Two face in Earth One continuity. Geoff Johns approach is very grounded and stable, he knows how to flesh out the events. The characters in their essence are not exactly how we know them traditionally. Bruce is polar opposite of Grant Morrison’s ‘capable of anything’ version, he is young and still building confidence and especially Alfred took me by surprise when he kicked Jim Gordan’s butt, so you can get the drift here. Essentially this is a classic Batman tale but with few twists and changes in backstory of some characters, which are remarkable. Gary Frank’s art is detailed, from the backgrounds in each panels to the expressions of characters, Gary’s art brings life to Batman and Gotham like only he can.

Final Verdict:

Batman Earth one volume 2, continues the journey of a Batman as a fresher crime fighting , towards becoming the ultimate Dark Knight as we know him. Geoff Johns’ approach is very grounded and stable, he knows how to flesh out the events and Gary’s art brings life to Batman and Gotham like only he can. Free from the burden and constraints of continuity, Earth One soars high with its cinematic presentation and quality, in a graphic novel format.


Batman Earth One Vol.2 - Comic Book Review
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