It seems Warner Bros. has released some information regarding its next animated movie featuring The Batman. On the back cover of Batman and Harley Quinn home video release it has been revealed that Batman : Gotham by Gaslight will be the next animated movie of the DC Animated Universe.

Gotham by Gaslight is a DC Comics one-shot by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola which is arguably the first ‘Elseworlds’ story. In the ‘Elseworlds’ stories, the DC characters are taken out of their canonical settings and are put in alternate timelines and realities.

Batman : Gotham by Gaslight is set in 1889 where Bruce Wayne investigates a series of murders in Gotham by the infamous Jack the Ripper. The sudden appearance of a man clad in a Bat-costume in the Victorian era, where people still believed in superstitions and black magic, ranks Gotham by Gaslight in the top 25 Batman comics of all times. This one-shot comics portrays Batman as a detective instead of a full-fledged vigilante. Styled in a noir-style, the 19th century Batman is one of the most loved iterations of Batman over the years.

Previously, Gotham by Gaslight was teased in a video game footage. The link to the prototype video can be found here –

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