Amidst the rumors surrounding The Batman director Matt Reeves’s statement about the movie not part of the extended universe, the director has clarified that The Batman is part of DCEU. His response came against the misinterpretation of his podcast appearance by various media companies. In the podcast, the Matt had said that WB agreed upon the idea of the film being a standalone and not part of any extended universe.

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The director meant that The Batman would be like this year’s Wonder Woman which acted as a standalone origin movie for the lead character, devoid of any burden of setting a Universe. Similarly, The Batman will probably take place in pre-Kryptonian era, centering on Bruce’s origin and his battle against the crime. In Batman vs Superman, there were tonnes of easter-eggs that would be addressed in The Batman and its sequels.

However, his comments were twisted by various media and pop-culture sites, and rumors of The Batman not being part of extended universe spread like wildfire. And so, Matt Reeves was forced to intervene. In a series of tweets, he wrote –

Reeves continued in his series of tweets to say that his statement at the time was referring to the idea that this would be a film focused on Batman and not necessarily his connections to the larger DCEU.