Although QTE (Quick Time Events) in AAA titles are often criticized for lazy gameplay design, Telltale games have gained a good reputation over time, by embracing it and blending it with innovative gameplay elements of a classic point and click games. However, Batman’s meet with Telltale style gamplay, has not particularly prompted a good gameplay on that front. Batman Telltale game has its perks in storytelling but there are several aspects of gameplay, where it does not succeed. This is going to be a crisp ‘impression plus review’ of the First episode of Batman: Telltale game.


For starters, the story in itself is pretty gripping and intriguing. The story begins amidst a winding ambience of politics, where Telltale’s choice system works effectively. As Telltale games are tailored by the kind of choices you make, it keeps you hooked with choice you try to make in your favor, that might give an edge on the political side. The relationship between the characters are unpredictable, yet intriguing. The story frames over time in bits and it is always interesting to explore and investigate those bits.


The gameplay mostly works like an interactive cinematic movie. It is based on a lot of quick time events, which are well paced. These quicktime event mostly happens during an action sequence. And these QTE based cut-scenes are spectacularly choreographed, and thus QTEs are utilized well. But that’s about it. There is hardly anything organic in the gameplay. The game also tried to re-create the ‘investigate the crime scene’ mode from Arkham games, where you find clues and try to recreate a crime scene, based on the evidence. However, a very linear and simple gameplay mechanic is used there, too. And players usually, just have to walk around and click a couple of buttons to progress. The gameplay lacks in getting players involved in the game, as a participant. You just watch the story unfold and see the experience, rather than being the experience.


When it comes down to performance, I was able to run it without any issues in my Nvdia GeForce GTX 860m based rig. I did encounter a SFX bug though, during a QTE sequence. But there were some lack of consistency in frames per seconds that I was getting. But that’s my experience. A large number of players on steam have reported lags and buggy gameplay, which has resulted in an overall mixed review from the players so far. And Telltale’s titles are often reported to encounter notable bugs and technical deficiencies.


Telltale’s take on Batman has produced a very intriguing and compelling story, based on some unpredictable and complex characters. The political backdrop of story works effectively in choice based situations, and Episode 1 is worth getting into, just for the sake of story experience. But the QTE and simple click based gameplay progression, leaves a very little room for an organic gameplay experience. And for these reasons, the game lets you see the experience, rather than participating it and being a part of it.


Batman Telltale Game Review: How Does Episode 1 Fare?
Fun Factor75%
Control and Gameplay69%
  • Intriguing Story
  • Comeplex choices
  • No innovation in gameplay
  • Linear progression
  • A number of reported bugs
75%Overall Score
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