It has been 3 weeks since the much hyped Warner Bros. movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, came out in theatres. The response to the superhero movie was mostly negative by the critics but still it turned out to be a box office hit. Though the movie got a lot of praise from the comic book fans, we can’t disagree that it had a lot of problems in terms of a feature film.

Many things which were not appreciated in the movie were indeed bad, like the pacing which was excessively slow and was just there to give it a pretentious artistic feel, the unnecessary cameos were there to cater only to the comic book fans didn’t add anything to the plot of Batman v Superman. These kind of problems had a devastating effect on the movie.

One of the moments in the movie which was considered quite illogical by the audience was “The Martha Moment” shared by Batman with Superman during the end fight. The loads of memes being uploaded on social media based on this scene has probably been seen by everyone but does that scene seriously deserve so much criticism?

Batman v superman-martha joke

I personally had too many problems with the movie but still tried to appreciate whatever things the movie got right and the Martha scene was one of them. Everybody complains that Batman considered Superman an alien who could one day be a danger to humanity. He was ready to obliterate superman and was preparing to do that for almost 2 years but even after so much determination and anger burning inside him, he stopped and became friends with him at once when he found out that his dead mother’s name was also the name of Superman’s mother.

People need to understand that the answer as to why he stopped after hearing the name is quite simple. Just put yourself in his place and think about it. A child who lost his parents at an early age and whose whole life became a fight against crime because of their death. He has been living and doing what he does in the memory of his parents. He considered Superman an enemy because he didn’t know what kind of a person he is. When he looked up in the sky he just saw an alien who was playing god and in that speck of time he thought of the consequences if someday this god turned into the devil. This image of superman changed in the eyes of Batman when Superman took the name of his mother, Martha.

Bruce-with-his-dead-parents-Batman v Superman

Obviously Batman stopped in his tracks and tried to understand why the person he wants to kill is taking the name of his dead mother and talking about saving her. His first response was to get an explanation which he got from Louis (that was kinda too convenient though) and realised that Superman was just as human as everyone else is. He has a family and cares for them. At that moment, the fear of losing his mother was clear in Superman’s voice and Batman saw his humane side for the first time. People think that he just stopped because the name of Superman’s mother is Martha but that wasn’t the case completely. He stopped because he didn’t want someone else to lose their parents like he did.

This ideology behind the scene wasn’t too much phylosophical or anything. If only the direction was better and the reason for Bruce not trusting an alien was more justified and explored then it would not have been criticized much. Still, it was just simple and practical scene which everyone should understand. Superhero movies are no more just stuff for children, they have now turned into a medium for deeper and beautiful movie making. We have to try to understand them like any great plot driven movie. If you liked my explanation of this scene in Batman v Superman then please do comment.