When we think about South Korea, one visualizes a scenario where Its filled with Gangnam style or maybe some Korean pop music but it’s not all about that. Only a true Korean drama fan knows what’s Korea all about enough that they dig into the elegant literature which it consists of.

And also, South Korea has established itself as a superior hand in fashion as well as their movies.

Just like Suzy or lee min ho can captivate anyone’s heart through dramas, there is an endless possibility that South Korean movies can bring you chills than any good Hollywood movies

Moreover, there is the possibility of one ending up liking the south Korean movies.


OldBoy is one of those movies which would make you question about everything. Even when Brad Pitt’s Oldboy is same as the Korean plot. But the intensity and the originality need to be kept on the list of “Binge worthy movies”

You are finding yourself to locked in for this movie.

Memories of a Murder

Based on a true story, two detectives try to find the serial killer who rapes victims and strangled them to death. It was during 1986 of South Korean dictatorship timeline.

This movie can actually question you to answering the madness of humanity holds.

Give it a shot.

IMDB rating – 8.1/10



A woman in her 60s has to take care of mentally challenged son and she happens to find herself in a situation where the police suspect her son to be involved in the murder of the young girl. She has to clear her son’s name and she ends up taking law in her own hand to solve this one and for all.

IMDB – 7.8/10

No mercy

Just like Taken, this Korean movie is about a forensic pathologist whose daughter got kidnapped by a serial killer. He is on his quest to find his daughter to set things right.

IMDB – 7.4/10

I saw the Devil

Lee Byung Hun and amazing Choi min sik duo have made sure that your expectations to stay forever higher in any crime/thriller movies. A mixture of horror and perfect dreamy handsome detective story would get you think “maybe this is that’s not for me”, but after few minutes this movie ensures that you are right there getting involved with “I didn’t expect that” expression.

According to IMBD, it is rated 7.8 but personally, I would rate it 8.7

You can check on the given trailer and make sure if you want to give it a shot.

A Hard Day

This South Korean movie is a twisted dosage of Tarantino’s fun play. Imagine a full intensive visual and the story plot makes you adhere to what you imagine of. It talks about how a homicide detective kills a man accidentally and hides the body in his own mother’s coffin. He is having a hard day just like the movie title suggests.

You can check the trailer and give it a thought

A Dirty Carnival

A dirty carnival is complete gangster movie which can keep you on your seat but then when the plot thickens, the suspense will make you drop your popcorn on the side and be like a madman for guessing the right scene.


Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

This movie might remind you of Tarantino but its worth every second of yours. It would make you want to watch more of the same genre. Here is the trailer. Be prepared.