Last month, BET’s ‘The New Edition Story’ miniseries ended with ratings, on high note. Following which, BET is going forward with another music-related series, Deadline reported.

According to information, the new series will be based on life of rapper Nas. And similar to the last show, this will also chronicle the ups and downs of Nas’s life. BET is hoping to recapture the same success with the new show. The ordered pilot will be an hour long with show titled, Street Dreams.

Known for Tv series ‘Rush,’ Jonathan Levine will serve as director, as well as the writer of pilot. According to Deadline, the show will be set on early 90s and will portray “”the ascent of Nas, a young man from the Queensbridge projects who will go on to become a famous rapper, as he evolves from young man to crack dealer to rapper to adult.”


The title ‘Street Dreams’ is a gesture to Nas’s 90s song from the album ‘It was written.’ Interestingly, this is not the only time Sweet Dreams has surfaced. In 2014, Xbox entertainment studio had made a half an hour version of it. The same team is supposed to return to collaborate on BET’s show.

It is not completely clear, at what capacity Nas will be involved in the project. But he has been known for Netflix’s ‘The Get Down’ series, where he was involved as executive producer and also wrote and recorded rhymes.