In early 2016, Alphabet, Google’s recently rebranded parent company became the largest publicly traded company in the world.

Alphabet is for google

How much?

Well, it’s somewhere around half a trillion dollars.

So, that’s when it struck me, do you guys know what are the other biggest companies in the world?


Well, accordingly to the Fortune Global 500’s list, the biggest publicly reported country in the world by revenue is Walmart.

How Big??

In 2015, they reportedly brought in nearly 486 billion dollars in sales, roughly Six and a Half times more than Alphabet’s Google did. That’s about the same as the GDP of the entire country of Norway. And you can also rate Walmart 27th largest Economy in the world.

Walmart is also the largest employer in the United States and Mexico, with 1.4 million employees just in the US.

Fun fact that’s the same number of active duty personnel in the US Army.

The Walton family that owns the company has a net worth of 149 Billion dollars making them the richest family in the United States of America.

Oil Giants

The Next Five Largest Companies in the world are Petroleum Refiners. These are China’s Sinopec Group, Royal Dutch Shell, China National Petroleum, America’s ExxonMobil and British Petroleum.

Their Revenues combined equals the GDP of India which at 2 trillion dollars is the 9th largest economy in the world.

But due to Oil prices in the free fall, these companies have posted lower revenues than previous years.

Big oil company revenues and earnings plunged in the 1st quarter. ~ USA TODAY.

Well, let’s hope 2017 be better from them.

Missing from the Fortune 500’s list is Saudi Aramco, even though they don’t disclose their worth or net revenue. However, the state-owned company is considered the largest in the world by value. According to, it can be as high as 10 trillion dollars.

As the de facto leader of OPAC and with the second largest oil reserves in the world Saudi Arabia’s Oil company is massive.

But Historically, none of these come close to the Dutch East India company.

British East India Company

It was the first ever publicly traded company worth 300 trillion dollars.

I know huge.

It can easily be called as a multinational shipping conglomerates with a monopoly on the ditch spice trade.

But in reality, the shipping giant was more than a company, but a functional government

The company that ruled the wave. ~

“How could a commercial organization justify ruling 90 million Indians, controlling 70 million acres … of land, issuing its own coins, complete with the company crest and supporting a standing army of 200000 men, all of which the East India Company Did by 1800?”

Within few decades of their existence, they had their own military fight in wars in multiple countries, had their own justice system, and also had their own coinage system.

In short, they were the Umbrella Corporation of the past. ~ Refer Resident Evil games or movies for more info.

Nearly 200 years of operation, changes in shipping needs and widespread corruption led to the company’s downfall.

It is actual more difficult than it may seem to evaluate the biggest companies in the world. Some dominate with their huge revenues or market values while others are obvious frontrunners of modern technologies or necessary commodities like energy. But in future, if companies continue to consolidate massive conglomerates are only likely to get larger, and our list is least likely to change.