Everybody loves Gunpowder, I mean fireworks, Yeah right. I mean who doesn’t.

The lights, the colors and the Big Boom. But the history of Fireworks isn’t all hugs and kisses. Long Before epic fireworks display, on every time India won a cricket match to new year parties. Chemists in china invented the key ingredients, that send these bright lights into the sky.

Any guesses, Ding Ding Ding ………

The Fire Medicine

The Fire Medicine was Born

And the answer is Gunpowder.

So, what’s the story behind the chemists and the fireworks, don’t worry I have all the answers to your questions.
Our story begins in ancient china, in the mid-9th century where early Chinese alchemists were trying to create a portion for immortality.

Sugar spice and everything Nice + Chemical X = BOOM

But instead, they created was a flammable powder that burnt down many of their homes. They quickly realize that this black powder, which they called fire medicine was precisely the opposite of something that would make you live forever.

Chinese Alchemists at work

Chinese Alchemists at work

Smart people, right.

In these early days, the Chinese hadn’t yet figured out how to make the powder explode. It was simply very flammable. The armies used it to make it flaming arrows, and even flamethrower. But once they figured out the right proportions, they opened the doors to a new generation of weapons that shaped our civilization.

With the right measurements and ingredients, the black powder would explode, unlike ever seen before. This gave the smart Chinese people an idea, why not use these in fireworks to keep away evil. spirits.

Well, what else would you use it for? Oh, yes Bombs, they made bombs also to keep the Mongol invaders at bay. It was these Mongols who spread the invention of gunpowder across the world. After defending Chinese attacks, they learned how to produce the powder themselves and brought it with them on their conquest of Persia and India.
William of Rubruck a European ambassador to Mongols was likely responsible for bringing gunpowder back to Europe around 1254. From there engineers and military inventors did an amazing work, yup they made guns, bombs, cannons you name it and that made that thing real.


Something Powdered by Gunpowder

Gunpowder left its mark on the world in some terrible ways, in contrast to the beautiful mark it can leave in air.
So, while the Chinese alchemists never failed the compound for eternal life, and because of which the Bollywood made many great movies like the Myth and Mummy 4. They did find something that would shape all of the civilizations, something that has caused many tragedies in the past and will continue to do so, and might bring forth the end of mankind as we know it.

Oops, no that was the nuclear weapons, Gunpowder is not that bad I guess. It makes everyone happy when they look up in celebration at the colorful night sky. I am talking about Diwali or 4th of July.