Hello, everyone. This is my attempt illuminate some amazing but crazy aspects about the world we live in, this is the part one of a two articles on Bizarre But True Religions That Actually Exist, Hope you will enjoy it.

 So lets start. As of 2016, there are roughly 4300 religions in the world, while some are thousands of year old and there are new ones being created every other day. Here are three of seven most bizarre religions which sound completely made up but are not.

Onnnnnnnneee :

basic beliefs of jediism

Basic Beliefs Of Jediism

Let’s begin with the biggest religion on our list. In 2001 thanks to each country completing a census of their population, this religion was found to be the second biggest in New Zealand and 4 biggest in England and Wales. Any guesses on what it might be, strange the answer is. It’s Jedi.

Yes around 1.5 percent of the kiwi’s put Jedi or Jediism as their official religion. 58.9% put Christianity and then the next two spots were “No Religion” and “Object to Answering” so that puts Jediism as the number two religion in New Zealand. Unless of course “object to answering” is also a religion, then there is probably no point in asking them if it is, though.

In England and Wales, 0.8% of the country claimed that their religion was Jediism, with the only larger faiths being Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. So, how did this all come about?A long long time ago, in a country not very far away. The galactic council, I mean the national country of many commonwealth countries, let everyone know that they would be having a census. Many people on the internet decided that didn’t want to tell the government about their religion and so one of the first online viral phenomena began with people spreading the idea of saying that their religion of practice was nothing but Jediism on the census.

Their doctrines have actually allowed them to be a fully recognized international ministry and a publicly registered charity. So if you have got some spare galactic credit lying around, you know where to send them now.


Waiting for Philip in Tanna

Waiting for Philip in Tanna

There are some people who you can imagine being mistaken for gods such Sachin Tendulkar for his skills on the field, Rajnikanth for his acting maybe. But none of these people actually have a religious following. The unlikely man who does, however, is Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth the second. And his followers are not some extreme British nationalists, they are, in fact, inhabitants of a small island halfway across the world called Tanna, part of the republic of Vanuatu some were in south Pacific 2000 km east of Australia.

According to an old myth exists on the island about a spirit ancestor who ran off across the seas to find himself a powerful wife. So when Prince Philip visited the island in 1974 with the Queen, one of the most powerful women in the world the islanders decided that he fitted the bill and declared him to be their god.

Prince Philip, being the affable man that he is, sent them a signed photograph. In return, they send him a club to killing pigs. I can neither confirm nor deny if this had any connection to the increase in bacon consumption at Buckingham palace that year. Prophet Jack, the Prince Philip movement’s soothsaying religious leader, has claimed the cyclone which came to the island in 2016, was a holy sign that Prince Philip will be returning to the island in 2017. We’ll just have to wait and watch now.


People celebrating John Frum Day

People celebrating John Frum Day

So for our next religion, we have to travel all the way to ………. Actually, we don’t need to travel at all, we’re staying on the island of Tanna. Vanautu has a number of cargo cults. These are native movements that originated from the native coming in contact with the colonizing societies who visited the islands.

On Tanna, about 50% of the population are part of the cargo cult called John Frum, which allegedly started with the visions of some elders in late 1930s and became cemented when the American troops came during WW2. The name is said to come from a soldier when he told the natives that he was “John from America”. People saw all the wonderful cargo that these troops brought, such as lorries radios and Coca-cola.

When the soldiers left, the people knew that JOHN FRUM would return someday and again share his wonderful bounties with them all. In a way, they were right, since the island now boasts an airport and some infrastructure for education, as well as a variety of western brands.

The people of Tanna are very grateful. February the 15th is known as “JOHN FRUM DAY” the date which believers believe that John rum will return to their island. The celebrate John Frum Day, with a military like parade, marching through the island, carrying the stars and stripes and scrawling “USA” on their chests in red paint. Throw in some fireworks and beer pong and it’s basically the 4th of July.

To be continued ……

Hope you enjoyed the Chapter 1 the best part is yet to come. The next part of this series will be published soon till then keep reading Xtrascoops and peace out.