Recently, Australian actor Hugh Jackman revealed that he was offered the role of James Bond as the successor to Pierce Brosnan’s take on the character. But seems like, the upcoming Bond movie has a lot of news to share. According to recent reports, ace director Christopher Nolan might direct the upcoming unnamed James Bond movie, Bond-25, starring Daniel Craig.


This year, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk received critical acclaim from both critics and fans alike. During a press release for Dunkirk, Nolan had admitted that he had some talks with the 007 producers regarding the upcoming Bond-25. But if reports are to be believed, Nolan wants to have a fresh start, to possibly re-invent the entire Bond universe. Re-inventing a story would require a new actor at the helm, but it seems Nolan is interested in directing a Bond movie with Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig’s take on the suave British spy was a new take on the old character which had been re-iterated on the silver screen far too many times. His dark, gritty and vulnerable Bond is a contrast to what the earlier Bonds have been; humorous, cheesy and casual. But how is it important to the recent rumor regarding Nolan? Well, Christopher Nolan has quite a penchant for dark and mysterious characters with a touch of violence.


Though official announcement is yet to arrive from the producers, but multiple sites have been claiming that Christopher Nolan has been chosen to direct Bond-25.

James Bond movies have always been surrounded by rumors, but in most cases, these rumors have a solid base. A few months ago, it was rumored that Daniel Craig was going to return for one last time, after he unceremoniously announced his temporary retirement from the franchise.

According to another set of rumors, Nolan has shown interest in casting Tom Hardy as the British spy. But with Daniel Craig back, we might see Hardy portray a Bond villain, considering his frequency in Nolan’s movies.


Bond-25 is set to release on November 8th, 2019.