It was a late evening of a winter in December. I took an auto on my way back to my dance class. Soon a man in his 30’s came and sat next to me. He sat at a considerable distance until another girl came an occupied the third seat. Two minutes through the ride, I felt something on my lap. I got nervous.I felt his fingers lingering on my lap. I went blank and had no idea what to do.  What should I say? Be quiet and wait till one of us gets down or stop him? “Stop him!” my mind said. But how should I stop him? Why was I embarrassed when he was doing something wrong?


Sexual abuse, also referred to as molestation, is usually undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another. When force is immediate, of short duration, or infrequent, it is called molestation. Molestation can lead to traumatic emotional condition whether the victim is a boy or a girl. Molesters get the confidence to take such a step on people whom they think will remain silent or would not rebel. Molestation can not just be physical but emotional. Looking at somebody in a wrong manner  that the person is embarrassed is emotional molestation of that person.


Why dont we look at it this way? The molesters know they’re wrong. They just feel that the victims are too weak to revolt. But what if we do revolt? When the molesters can scare the victims by doing something wrong, why cant the victims scare the molesters by doing something right? I think the problem is not just with the victims but with the society too. How can a girl raise her voice when she is not sure whether people will support her or scorn her ? After all ,we live in a society where the rapists gets dowry and victims get disrespect. But at times, it should not be about society but about us, about our respect,and about the difference between right and wrong. If we raise our voice, we might protect the other girls who might have the possibility of going through the same.


The more you get scared, the more they suppress. It can be one death stare, one strong clutch, one strong scream, one tight slap, or anything else that will tell them you are not ready to be suppressed by wrong intentions. One vibe or gesture is enough to scare them away.

“I decided not to tolerate it. After all, He was the culprit not me. I took his hands off my lap, slapped him hard. He was embarrassed to an extent that he got down midway. I think I was the last girl he molested.”