What is the first thing that strikes you when you see the title? It is absolutely this:”Is there something new about English we ought to know?”. If the answer is no, then it’s time for you to digest some facts about it.

  • English is not a requirement: – To enunciate this statement, take an example: Most of the people learn to speak English to get through interviews.However, the way you choose will never benefit you and will cease you from exploring the beauty of it. Besides learning how to speak, you ought to learn to embody yourselves using it as a medium.
  • English is not an asset: – Before dealing with this statement, recollect your school days where you used to be on pins and needles to get through grammar tests. Now come back to the present, is it the same flinty situation you face? If the answer is no, then what is that which marked a change all these years? It is your connected journey with that language which initiates to chip in activities cognate with it.
  • English is not as easy as ABC: – Most of us might have heard that it is an easy one to deal with. Does the statement apply in your real time situations? Absolutely not, it’s because you must be confident about our pronunciation and preparation when asked to address the audience. The language provides finite ways of correcting errors, but the problem arises when you ought to remember them while delivering a speech that hardly lasts for four minutes. In order to resolve this, you must unfold the verbal ability as often as possible. This kind of exposure ensures an increase in self-confidence and provides a chance of correcting errors if any.

Consider a situation where you are being interviewed by some person of a popular organisation. Is it only your speaking skills which will fetch a good job? Or is it your knowledge about the grammar and phonetics which would help you?  Absolutely not. It is when you speak accurately with concern to the topic contemplating decent accent, you are determined unique among your peers.