For geeks like us, the Call of Duty franchise will always be a part of our happiest childhood memories. The action, the shooting, the shouts of enemy soldiers as I shoot them with my Tommy Gun or the MP-40 was what I longed for  after an utterly soul destroying session at school or after getting over excruciatingly awkward social gatherings with friends and family. Call of Duty made me realize that no matter how bad your day was, killing a random Russian ultra-nationalist with a 50 cal from a mile away or a Nazi Gestapo at point blank will always put a smile on your nerdy little face.


Yet in the recent years with release of Ghosts and Infinite Warfare, Activision exited from the blood and gore battles of World War 2 campaigns and forayed into futuristic elements (which we all loved to hate) that was basically a kick in the nuts to the huge, loyal fan following the franchise amassed. Call of Duty: World War 2 is set to change all that.


Realizing their mistakes of not meddling with forces they do not understand *cough* Kevin Spacey *cough*, the developers have decided to drag the next release back to its sacred roots – fighting Nazis.

cod aw spacey

Smirks of Evil >:)


The Single player op puts the player in the shoes of an allied soldier fighting in occupied France, Belgium and Nazi Germany in 1944-45. This “boots on the ground” approach is what made call of duty the legend it is today. Here’s to hoping they can pull it off again.


The game does not feature the health regenerating system we all coveted in the previous games. Instead the game involves a much more interactive way where the player has to rely on his squad’s medics to jack him up after taking a hit. So no more lone wolf tactics. The press releases claim that the new game will be less resourceful which basically means holding on to your guns as you won’t be finding any lying around any time soon. The game will allow you to take enemy hostages and drag your wounded team mates to safety if the need be. The game will always be set in ‘Hardcore Mode’ rather than allowing the players to select the difficulty level. The protagonist can even impersonate German Officers and infiltrate Nazi bases while interacting with enemy NPC bots to avoid suspicion just like in ‘Hitman’. All in all, the developers’ claim of only the premise being similar while the game play being anything but, holds ground.

call of duty ww2 single


Sledgehammer guarantees that the player will be thrust into the heart of the most famous military campaigns of the war carried out by the allies such as the gritty D-Day landings & Operation Overlord while promising visuals that are breathtakingly brutal and a notch higher than the legendary Call of Duty 2.


And for necrophilia freaks like me, the game also involves a zombie mod.

call of duty ww2 zombie mod

Looks like this guy just got dumped


Undead Army, Nazi witchcraft and dark science are much abused concepts in gaming media but the one that really commercialized it has always been this franchise. The mod is set in an alternate history with its own separate storyline, which the developers claim to have been derived from real life events. The trailer released looks damn promising and gives a vibe similar to Dead Space and Wolfenstein.


The multiplayer campaign has far or less been the real high point of Call of Duty games. The two things that make the mod stand out from the rest are the headquarters mode, which is basically a massive social interaction space for the players to hang out, spar, open loot crates and show off their firing skills, and the war mode – an objective based multiplayer op where players are randomly assigned either to the axis or the allies. Female characters will also be playable. The objectives are diverse; ranging from being a saboteur or a spy to being a combat engineer.

call of duty ww2 multi

You know what they say about guys with big guns 😉


Taking a cue different from the rest of the two modes – the regular Deathmatch and the usual Flag-Domination, the war mode undoubtedly seems to be a breath of fresh air in multiplayer games that have, for too long, been bogged down by mediocrity. Even then, if rumors are to be believed, the mode is too short to make any marked difference but it’s a start nonetheless. Experiments are what got us Team Fortress and Counter-strike. Maybe this will start a trend of its own.

call of duty ww2 hq mode

The newly introduced HeadQuarters mode


The beta version released showed the players to have access to five different units – Infantry, Armored, Mountain, Airborne and Expeditionary, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. The multiplayer mode does away with the old perk based system in the previous games and dives into Rank Progression via learning division skills corresponding to each unit. Different and interesting. Just how we like it.


We all have had a soft spot for Call of Duty. Recently the game employed concepts that were relatively controversial which left many loyal fans foaming at the mouth. Call of Duty: World War 2 is in a way, the developers’ way of asking for redemption. It’s exciting game play aspects and tactical, fast-paced approach hopefully will breathe new life into a franchise that is nothing short of Nerd-Valium.


Let us all pray that this game returns to its former glory. Fingers crossed XXXX



**Call of Duty: World War 2 is set for a worldwide release on November 3rd, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms.**