Sajid Yousuf is your typical young boy in his 20s, residing in India’s most turmoil region – Kashmir. His facebook profile reads – Accidentally Writer, Social And Political Activist Wannabe Lawyer, Politician. He is currently working as Online Editor for Kashmir Thunder, a leading daily in the valley. Nothing out of blue, eh?

Wrong! Unlike others from different parts of India, he has been victim of violent clashes prevalent from decades. He lost his mother at tender age of 7! However, unlike other victims like him, who went on to join militants and terrorist outfits, he chose to educate himself and find the truth behind murderers of his mother. In a heart wrenching facebook post on 29 October 2016, he asks questions from young kashmiri people who have chosen the path of conflict and terror, all in the name of freedom. His status immediately went viral, and he has since then received several abuses, both on his facebook wall, as well as, in his message inbox. We bring you his status courtesy of facebook.

Can I call 29 October as a black day?

Dear friends most of you are are abusing me for supporting India. There is a reason behind it. I was just 7 years old when my mother was shot dead by gunmen on the same day 29 October 2002. I never thought that I will lose the shade of mother forever; sometimes I fought with my beloved mother sometimes she played games with me like a kid. She was neither government officer nor any politician but a teacher. She was not a supporter of any political party yet they killed her. They shot bullets on her eyes. When I grew up i was thinking about those gunmen how could they kill a women, they also came in this world because of a women. After couple of years I tried to find out who were those killers. Were they from Pakistan terrorist organisation” Sultan – ul – Arfeen .”
Dear Kashmiri fellows when any youth becomes victim of bullet in Kashmir you raise Anti-India slogans, you wave Pakistani flags because Pakistan is enemy of India, you wave Chinese flags because china is good friend of Pakistan. You pelt stones on forces to show your anger. You share your emotions on social networks. Tell me do I have the right to do the same because I lost my mother because of Pakistan. There is no place where I can share my feelings, emotions except on social networking sites but still you people are abusing, threatening me for raising my voice in the solidarity of my mother. I can’t wave Indian flag on Pakistani soil, I can’t raise Pro-Indian slogans in Pakistan. I can’t pelt stones on them to show my anger. I’m not against Pakistani people I love them like I love other people from the rest of the world. On Mothers day everyone took a selfie with the mother and post it on Facebook with a caption” Happy mothers day” to you all that reminds me again that I can’t take a selfie with my mother now then I again realize I don’t have mother.
On this day (29 October) my mother left me here between you people so I never feel that I’m orphan.
Please make dua for her in your prayer.
Hope after reading this post you will neither abuse me nor my mother. If anybody wants to abuse me he /she can personally abuse me in inbox.

Sajid Yousuf is certainly not the first young lad, and god forbids, won’t be the last to come across such a grave tragedy. We, at Xtrascoop, commend his spirit and pray for her mother’s soul to rest in peace.