Child abuse Aka tobacco industry of mental illness


In simpler words, Physically or emotionally harming a person intentionally in most cases leading to permanent damage to the person.

A large number of the most heinous crimes ever committed in history often have a very similar story which lead to the actual crime. The perpetrator is abused as a child making him believe that what he is doing is normal. This can be seen easily in various cases like Albert fish (child rapist and cannibal), John Wayne Gacy Jr (serial killer and rapist), Carroll Cole (serial killer). All these murderers were abused as young children and suffered from physical torture, Family pressure and Maternal abuse respectively.


Child abuse

Some studies showed that child abuse had the same affect on a child as combat does to a soldier. And many more has directly linked abused childhood as an important factor of a “broken” adult in simple words an adult who has a tough time cooping with everyday tasks.

Early signs of Abuse

When a child is showing signs of mistreatment, usually by having marks on his arms and other parts of his body and also in some extreme cases showing visible self isolation. When these signs are noticed sudden movements even with good intentions will startle them. Try to calm the child, dolls and toys along with a calm voice help the child to calm down. Call authorities immediately, and report the matter.

Remove the child from the abusive home as soon as possible for his own safety.

When we as adults make the right choices regarding a child’s future, we are also helping countless people who will be connected to this child in the future.Don’t hesitate to help a child for all we know we could be the last bit of hope to save him


Indian organisation to combat child abuse:-

Save a child, Save the future

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