This year on Christmas, Chile was gifted with a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.7 . The earthquake is believed to have struck Chile, south-west of the city of Puerto Montt situated in the southern part of the country.


Photo: Daily Mail

Reports have been filed saying that the quake occured  at 11:22 am local time, about 25 miles i.e., 41 km south-west of the city of Puerto Quellón at a depth of about 20 miles.

No immediate reports of deaths and injuries have been filed in as a result of the sparse population in the struck area which is about 140 miles from the city of Puerto Montt. However a great deal of loss to national and private property has been observed.

The Naval Oceanic Service of Chile declared a tsunami alert for the areas within 620 miles of the epicentre of the massive quake. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center had warned that hazardous waves of up to 3m above tide level were possible on coasts located up to 1,000km from the quake’s epicentre. Immediate evacuation to a safer place has been started in the listed areas by the officials and is still in progress.

According to the media reports, the earthquake was so massive that it was felt even in the city of Bariloche, over the borders in Argentina.

Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet tweeted: “Much strength and encouragement to the compatriots affected by the tremor in Chile and other areas in the south. Emergency procedures are already in place.” as an immediate message to his mob showing his support and continuous work to minimize the damage by this earthquake and the possibly upcoming tsunami.

People there are very scared and are evacuating as fast as possible. A resident who was leaving his house as a result of the ongoing evacuation process said,”I have lived in the south for 10 years but never have I felt something like that.”

This event has also grasped twitter and is trending.

Chile has faced such heavy earthquakes before too. In 2010, a 8.8 magnitude one hit Chile off the south-central coast which triggered a tsunami which devastated coastal towns.