Situated over the South Pole almost entirely south of latitude 66°30′ south (the Antarctic Circle). Antarctica is a very rough circular shape with the long arm of the Antarctic Peninsula stretching towards South America. There are two large indentations, the Ross and Weddell seas and their ice shelves.

The nearest other land masses are South America 1000 km (600 mls) away across the roughest stretch of water in the world – the Drake passage, Australia is 2500 km (1550 mls) away, and South Africa 4000 km (2500 mls) away.

The total surface area is about 14.2 million sq km (5.5 million sq mls) in summer, approximately twice the size of Australia, half as big again as the USA and fifty times the size of the UK.

In the winter Antarctica doubles in size due to the sea ice that forms around the coasts. The true boundary of Antarctica is not the coastline of the continent itself or the outlying islands, but the Antarctic Convergence.

1. Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.


2. Antarctica is coldest, windiest, direst and highest continent in the world.


3. The coldest place on earth is a high ridge in Antarctica where temperatures can drop below -133 degree Fahrenheit (-93 degree Celsius).

frigid antractica

4. 90% of the world’s fresh water is in Antarctica.

world's fresh water from antarctica

5. Some parts of Antarctica are know to have had no rain or snow fall in the last 2 million years.

antarctica ice

6. Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles.

no reptiles in antarctica

7. Ice melting in Antarctica has caused slight shift in gravity in the region.

barren land of antarctica

8. You cannot work in Antarctica, unless your wisdom teeth and appendix are removed.

working in Antarctica is no joke

9. Chili has a civilian town in Antarctica, complete with a school,hospital,Internet, Hostel, Post office, TV and mobile phone coverage.


10. Antarctica is the only continent without a timezone.

no timezone in antarctica

11. The Ice sheet of Antarctica has been in existence for at least 40 million years.

barren land of antarctica

12. There’s a treaty signed by 38 countries that prohibits military activities, mining, nuclear explosions and nuclear waste disposal  in Antarctica.

no reptiles in antarctica

13. A scientist in Antarctica got a date through tinder with a gal camping just 45 minutes away.

antacrtica date

14. In 1977, Argentina sent a Pregnant Mother to Antarctica to claim a portion of the continent. The boy became the first know human to be born in Antarctica.

first man born in Antarctica

15. The average thickness of Ice in Antarctica is about 1 mile (1.6 KM).

ice thickness

16. Winds in some places of Antarctica can reach up to 200 MPH (320 KM/H).

winds of winter

17. There is a waterfall in Antarctica that runs red as blood.

bloody water body

18. There are no polar bears in Antarctica, only in the Arctic.

polar bears are only found in arctic

19. Antarctica has only one ATM.

atm at antarctica

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