Chocolates, always reminding me of  “Miss me, close your eyes, kiss me………. Lala la…..”
Women have this thing about chocolate, they just can’t explain it. They know it makes them fat but they still can’t stop themselves. Which makes me wonder can chocolates be actually better than a man?

Well, why not, they are so yum. Invented by the Aztecs, some 3,100 years ago, while actually, they were trying the make beer the entire time. Cute people indeed. This mouth watery heart melting, a piece of heaven and definitely the best things ever invented by man. Doesn’t matter how bad you feel a bar of chocolate is more than enough to make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. They r soft, silky, yummy and creamy, and gooey and tasty. I mean you can go all day wondering how awesome chocolates actually are and still won’t run out of reasons

So coming straight back to the topic, Here are my ten reasons why I believe chocolates can be better than your man or any man.

PS: To all the ladies out there, Please don’t take the contents of this article a bit too seriously. I am still single.


ok, let’s get the gross one out first, well actually there aren’t quite a few gross ones in this one but I think this is the grossest of them all CHOCOLATE DOESN’T SECRETLY WANTED TO BE EATEN BY YOUR BEST FRIEND, yeah yeah I know she never believed me either I always told her I’m not interested in her best friend but did she ever believe me? No. well I was after her sister, shhh don’t tell her that ok.


CHOCOLATE CAN STAY HARD FOR WEEKS (with causing a medical emergency)… AND it’s even satisfactory WHEN IT HAS GONE SOFT. And plus with chocolate satisfaction is guaranteed, no need to fake anything here ladies. Personal opinion chocolates are orgasmic.

Next Reason 3:

Chocolate may make you fat but won’t ever delay your periods.


You can have more than one chocolate at night without ruining your reputation.


Well, not only chocolates are rich but also take’s amazing care of your heart. Don’t trust me ask your doctor. And who doesn’t like rich companions?


It is pretty easy to find 9 inches of chocolate. Not that 6 inches are bad or anything, Come on people size does matter or doesn’t, who am I to judge.


You always know where your chocolate is.


If you bite the nuts too hard the chocolate won’t mind it.Very understanding they are indeed.


Good chocolate is actually easy to find, but good men well I am not saying anything.

And TEN:

Chocolate dedicates their life to give you pleasure and nothing else. Well, you can’t always say that about your boyfriend, can you?

Babe is that my chocolate you are eating ?????