A Typical 90’s Kid (who didn’t live in a cave) remembers television via three things –  Shaktimaan, Power Cuts and Cartoon Network. Shaktimaan was like weed for the kids. You just had to have it. Like Game of Thrones, the wait for the next episode of Shaktimaan was infinite and unbearable. While Shaktimaan eagerly awaited for the entire week, Powercuts weren’t. They always managed to swoop in somehow at the nick of time and like an unwanted Guest, they stayed. The only thing that gave us hope in all that interlude and mayhem was the classic Cartoon Network –  our knight in shining armor.

We all remember our childhood in the memories we had during those days and it’s an undeniable fact that most of them were on cartoon network. I still remember as a kid how I used to fight for the remote. “My turn” – the mantra all 90’s kids chanted when their show was about to air.

Like everyone else, I used to spend most of my time watching cartoon network and its ridiculous variety of fantastic shows. The crazy world had everything a kid could ever hope for. Humor, Fantasy, Warmth, *cough* No studies *cough*.The shows were promising and Educating.

Here we bring a small glimpse of the shows from that time that will bring out the kid in you.

 20. The Jetsons

classic cartoon Network Jetsons

Photo: Cartoon Network

Armed with a Robot maid, two troublesome children, a hot wife (oh come on we all had a thing for her ), George Jetson zoomed into our life in his flying saucer. The Jetsons was like a futuristic saas-bahu serial – only difference being it was interesting and no one was resurrected.

19. Dexter’s laboratory

classic cartoon network dexter

Photo: Cartoon Network

My Personal Favorite in this List. Short Curly Haired Genius Kid with an IQ of 1 million has his day ruined everytime his meddling yet playful sister enters his secret laboratory. The show was basically bittersweet sibling rivalry at its finest.

18. Scooby Doo

classic cartoon network scooby doo

Photo: Cartoon Network

Scooby-Dooby-Doo Where are you!!!! The daily adventures of Scooby and the gang are the stuff of legends. Scooby Doo is the reason I used to sneak into the living room every day to watch the late night episodes. And I would have gotten away with it hadn’t it been for these meddling kids and their annoying dog!

17. Looney tunes

classic cartoon network looney tunes

Photo: Cartoon Network

The Witty Bugs, the Clumsy Daffy, the Stammering Porky, the Romantic Pepe, the Megalomaniac Marvin are just to name some. The world of Looney Tunes was a cartoon synonymous with funny. A phenomenon becoming more and more hazier in modern entertainment.

16. Roadrunner show

classic cartoon network roadrunner

Photo: Cartoon Network

Beep Beep. Make way for the adorable Road Runner and his equally lovable enemy the Wile E.Coyote. The antics of the coyote to catch his characteristic enemy and failing every time was what made this show a must-watch. This show taught me two things –  you should always keep persevering and, Gravity only works if you look down.

15. Tom and Jerry kids show

classic cartoon network tom and jerry kids

photo: Cartoon Network

The show that showed Tom and Jerry before they grew longer tails. Apart from the well-placed humor, the show was also a hit because it helped us realize that Tom and Jerry used to be roommates. And they had a history together before they became the iconic cat and mouse we all loved and revered.

14. Captain Planet

classic cartoon network captain planet

photo: Cartoon Network

The only ‘Eco-Friendly’ show of our childhood. When the powers of Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Love combine, a green haired blue skinned freak is born. The only thing that the Captain loved more than saving the day was preaching about it. He was like the Cartoon Shaktimaan. It also conveyed a good social message –  save the trees, please.

13. Swat Kats

classic cartoon network swat kats

Photo: Cartoon Network

The opening theme is still somehow etched into my brain. Two rebellious but gifted pilots – T-bone and Razor are kicked out of the force for disobeying orders. They become vigilantes calling themselves the swat kats. With their iconic three engine jet the ‘Turbokat’ and other vehicles with equally cool sounding names, they fight their arch-nemesis, Dark Kat.

12. Powerpuff girls

classic cartoon network powerpuff girls

Photo: Cartoon Network

Innocent school going superheroes may have become a generic term now. But the one show that started the trend was the Power Puff Girls. The level headed Blossom, the cute and adorable Bubbles and, the tough and tom-boyish Buttercup are the every day saviors of  Townsville from villains just as entertaining and popular.

11. Popeye show

classic cartoon network popeye

Photo: Cartoon Network

The most popular one eyed vegan on the face of the earth. Popeye was the reason the myth that vegans can actually take on non-vegetarians in a 1 on 1 fight and win, spread so fast. The adventures of Popeye and his eponymous spinach can are well known. The world is a much better place with Popeye the Sailor Man.

10. Tom and Jerry Show

classic cartoon network

Photo: Cartoon Network

AAAAAHH!! I think this show needs no introduction and perhaps never will. Tom and Jerry aren’t just a show. It’s a religion in itself. Kids lived and breathed it. The popular Cat and Mouse adventures were so funny it would have made even Monalisa howl. I am talking about the old show by the way. The new one sucks!!!

9. The Mask

classic cartoon network themask

Photo: Cartoon Network

The green faced maniac and personal agent of chaos. The Mask was a show ahead of its time. It put Stanley Ipkiss as the reality altering superhero who becomes the unlikely savior of Edge City. Fart jokes. burp jokes, butt jokes, breaking the forth wall – the Mask did to the 90s what Deadpool did to the 21st century. Revolutionize story-telling.

8. Spiderman The Animated Series

classic cartoon network spiderman1994

Photo: Cartoon Network

No, I am not talking about the spandex freak regularly breaking the forth wall to make us laugh. The original Spiderman the animated series was a classic in every sense of the word. It showed the struggles of Peter Parker in a light that was far less comical and much more realistic. An all time favorite among fans.( especially me 😉 )

7. Johnny Bravo

classic cartoon network johny bravo

Photo: Cartoon Network

The not-so womanizing macho man always down on his luck. Johny had a colorful life everyday he stepped out the door. From secret agents to werewolves to alien princesses, Johny has romanced almost everything the world has to offer. Fun Fact: The creators of Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory and Johny Bravo were roommates in college.

6. Ed, Edd n Eddy

classic cartoon network ededdeddy

Photo: Cartoon Network

The original 3 idiots. Ed was the smart-ass, Edd was not-so bright and Eddy was the cunning leader. Together they roamed around the neighborhood bumping into all sorts of crazy. Their collective adventures could be summed up into one thing they wanted the most – Jawbreakers or in the Hindi dubbing ‘Bade Laddu’.

5. Courage the cowardly dog

classic cartoon network courage

Photo : Cartoon Network

This little guy is the reason I started liking canines. Courage was no ordinary dog. First of all he talked!!! Who doesn’t like a talking dog. But what sets courage apart the most is the way every time his owners were in trouble, he sheds back his agoraphobia each time and puts his own life in danger to save theirs. Man’s best friend indeed.

4. Batman The animated series

classic cartoon network batman

Photo : Cartoon Network

It’s been 25 years since the first episode of the most popular Superhero TV show ever aired on Television. Created by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski, this was the perfect show that encapsulated darker tonalities and the grim flavor of the Dark Knight and his late night adventures within a kid friendly atmosphere.

3. Richie Rich

classic cartoon network richie rich

Photo: Cartoon Network

Stupendously rich boy saves the day with money and gadgets. Richie Rich is like Junior James Bond ( if James Bond was blonde, 12, ridiculously optimistic and smiled every 2 seconds). The stories were equally wacky and awesome. Richie Rich resonated with a lot of kids not just because of the money but also because of its simplicity.

2. The Flinstones

classic cartoon network flinstones

Photo: Cartoon Network

Yabba Dabba Doo! Who would have ever thought that the story of a hillbilly caveman and his family would be such a sellout? The story set in the Dinosaur age was top notch entertainment. While the Jetsons showed us how the space age was an entertaining era, the Flinstones made us realize that the stone age can be equally hilarious.

1. Recess

classic cartoon network recess

Photo: Cartoon Network

The well-known adventures of T.J, Spinelli, Gus, Vince, Gretchen and Mikey in school were something viewers could always relate to. Recess became a hit because it struck a chord with similarly aged school going kids worldwide. A show that showed us going to school isn’t always books and letters. It could be fun too 🙂 .