With so many Comic Book movies coming out in 2016, people should not forget that great Comic Books keep coming out too. Here is a list of comic books you should be reading in 2016:

1. The Legend Of Wonder Woman


A great example of how properly done a story can be with just a single writer at it helm, Legend Of Wonder Woman is written as well as drawn by Renae De Liz. It’s a comic book for all ages with a story that focuses on personal choice, the strength of duty and friendship, and the difficulty in living up to oneself under the watchful eye of an expectant community. It takes Diana back to her roots in World War II  without limiting the impact among the history as De Liz’s beautifully adapts the characters and their concerns to make them universal.

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2. Deadpool: Last Days Of Magic #1


It is a surprising comic book that somehow managed in making Dr. Strange work with Deadpool while delivering a great story. Given the character’s recent rise in popularity, a lot of Deadpool comics keep popping up. The series writer Duggan ended up making an obligatory crossover tie-in, a fabulous addition by writing one of the best issues in a very strong run. It’s a remarkably well constructed comic book with a gut-punch of at the end. Well, If so many damned Deadpool comics are going to be made, it is quite possible that a few might turn out to be good.

3. Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur


Another marvel title. Lunella Lafayett is a sweet girl with a brilliant scientific mind, Lunella realizes that she has the Inhuman gene, and she dreads the inevitable day when it will be activated leading to her transformation in a new person. Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur feels much like the Ms. Marvel series, with co-writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare using Inhuman Terrigenesis to explore the growing pains of a girl facing an adolescent identity crisis. Their dedication to the series has made MG&DD one of the most delightful and insightful superhero titles to be released by Marvel. The gorgeous artwork brings a thrilling energy to this tale of a young girl and her giant red Tyrannosaurus rex. Yeah, there’s also a dinosaur in this book, and Lunella’s Inhuman power makes her capable to switch bodies with it whenever she’s angry leading to several complications for her at school.

4. The Spire


When Boom! Studios’ The Spire ended in March of this year it was the ending of one of the most enchanting universes in comics. It’s a fantasy story, with a variety of wild and weird people. Some characters are not human but all possess undeniable humanity. The story follows Shå, a queer female police captain, who investigates a series of murders of the aristocracy. It’s a whodunnit that’s also concerned with the “why,” with writers Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely and colorist André May creating a strikingly full world. Every issue feels significant, impactful, and rich—perfectly paced and perfectly developed.

5. Empress


Mark Millar, the name is enough to make you start reading it. Set in a galaxy that’s somewhat like our own, the story follows a mother and her three children as they flee from the tyrannical rule of her husband and their father. Aided in their journey by a loyal guard and his contacts. The group faces exactly the kinds of challenges and dangers you’d expect when running from a guy who executes people for fun and show of power. Millar knows how to keep his stories moving. There are aliens riding T. rexes, huge monsters in the middle of oceans, and avalanches that smother both characters and the panels. Empress proves just how good comic books can also be.