If you line up the entire test of “Moby Dick” into a giant rectangle you may notice something strange in it, conspiracy or words like “IGAMDHI” and “THEBLOODYDEED” that predicted the assassination of Indira Gandhi which took place in 1984.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

Yes, I am talking about a huge book written by Herman Melville about a huge whale published in 1851.

well, this book has not only predicted her death but had predicted countless of other major historical deaths and events including the death of Martin Luther king, princess Diana, and Abraham Lincoln.

The Reverend Martin Luther King

So, was Herman Melville a secret Prophet?

Well, the answer is No. and we know this thanks to a mathematical principle called Ramsey theory.

Not the Ramsey from Game of Thornes.

It’s the reason how we can find geometrical shapes in the night sky or how we can say that there are two people in the city of Bangalore with the exact number of hair on their head, and also why patterns can be found jin just about any text.

Even Justin Bieber lyrics.

So what is Ramsay theory?

It states that:

Given enough elements in a set or structure, some particular patterns among them is guaranteed to emerge.

want an example? Introducing the party problem.

suppose there are at least six people at a party, amazingly enough, we can certainly say that some group of three of them either all know each other

The Party Problem

Let each point represent a person, and the line indicates that the pair knows each other.

Every pair has exactly two possibilities, they either know each other or they don’t. I know there are a lot of possibilities in total.

Ramsey Theory us a guarantee that such a minimum number exists for a certain pattern but no easy way to find it. In this case, as the total number of guest grows higher the total number of combinations get out of control.

Note: For Maths lovers, do give Ramsey Theory a read.

For example, if you are trying to find out the minimum size of a party where a group of five people either all know each other or all don’t.

Despite Five being a small number, the answer to this is virtually impossible to discover. That’s because of the sheer volume of possibilities, a party with 48 guests has 2^(1128) possible combinations, more than the number of atoms in the universe.

Even with all mighty supercomputers, we only know the answer is somewhere between 43 to 49 guests.

What this shows us is that specific patterns with seemingly astronomical odds can emerge from a relatively small set. And with a large set, the possibilities are almost endless.

Any four stars where no three lies in a straight line will form some quadrilateral shape, expand that to the millions of stars in the sky and it’s no surprise that we can find all sorts of familiar shapes, and creatures if we look for them.

So what are the chances that this particular text is concealing a prophecy?

It’s simple when we factor in the number of letters, the variety of possible related words, all their abbreviations and alternate spellings, they are very high.

Go on try it yourself, not the math. I mean just pick up your favorite book arrange the letters in a grid, and see what you can find.

Mathematician T.S Motzkin once said:

While disorder is more probable in genral, complete disorder is Imposible.

The Sher size of the universe guarantees that some of its random elements will fall into specific arrangements.

It’s human nature to notice patterns among noise, we are ofter tempted to find intentional meaning where there may not be any at all.

SO while we may be awed by the hidden messages in everything from books to pieces of toast or the night sky. Their real origin is usually our own mind.

Or this entire article was a stupid attempt to cover up some major truth, well there is no other way to tell.