You think puppies are the cutest things to walk the planet? Think again. After decades of enticing children with otherworldly fantasies, the legendary franchise that is Pokemon is finally getting its own live action movie. And its not gonna be about the adventures of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. The new pokemon movie focuses on the adventures of a talking Pikachu based on The Great Detective Pikachu video game. And if that doesn’t rile up your alarms, rest assured the next piece of news will. The upcoming movie is supposedly eyeing 4 big stars for voicing the super-charged mouse of mayhem.

Photo: BusinessInsider

According to That Hashtag Show , Legendary Entertainment is considering the following actors for the titular part – Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson. Apparently, the actors haven’t been approached (yet) for the role. It is entirely possible a completely different actor gets to lend his voice for Pikachu.

Yet such big names being tossed around by the movie’s creative team is starting to make big news. Hugh Jackman has already lent his voice in an animated movie – Remember the Easter Bunny in Rise of The Guardians? Yeah that was all Jackman. Johnson also has had experience in this area voicing the Demi-God Maui in Disney’s critically acclaimed Moana.



Wahlberg is a complete wildcard this time. It will be strangely appealing if his thick Boston accent becomes the tiny little Pikachu’s voice. Reynolds on the other hand is the strongest bet. He already has had roles in Turbo and The Croods. If Ryan voices Pikachu his epic comic humor will end up amplifying the laugh riot.


Danny DeVito, the subject of a huge fan campaign to voice Pikachu in the movie, is notably absent from the list.

Reportedly, the huge success of Pokemon Go inspired Legendary Entertainment to go down the live-action remake path. Omega underground has found audition tapes for two characters to star in the movie – “Tim” is searching for his father with the help of Pikachu while ”Lucy” is an investigative journalist accompanied by a Psyduck. The plot involves pokemon somehow going feral and attacking their own trainers, if the leaks are to be believed.

Photo: Scoopnest

Directed by Rob Letterman( of Shark Tale and Monsters vs Aliens fame), Detective Pikachu is set to begin production in January 2018. Nostalgia running high 🙂