The women under the crown, she is one of the most familiar faces in history. “Her Majesty” as James Bond would call her or “The Queen”  as we know her has lived through most important moments of the modern era and still kicking. She is doing so well that when Pope BENEDICTUS retires due to old age, at an age of 83 she laughed at it and called him “lazy boy”. Or she didn’t but it would be funny if she did, though.

So today I am here with Some shocking facts about Queen Elizabeth the Second.


First up on my top 7, She woke up one night to find a stranger in her bed. Yes, an actual stranger, it was July 9th, 1982. A 31-year-old man, named Michael Fagan scaled the Buckingham palace drainpipe and made his way into Elizabeth’s sleeping chambers. No, he didn’t have any crush on the queen and no he was not acting as Romeo from Romeo and Juliet. He just loved scaling pipes, maybe a Spiderman fan. Well, when the queen saw him in her bedroom he was dripping in blood from his climb to get inside and then he took a seat on the queen’s bed near the corner. “Her Highness” didn’t panic and said she had intended to talk with the guy about his kids and his problems and life until the guards thankfully came in. They later found out this was not his first time breaking in.


The queen sent an email back in 1976, yes, a long time ago. Queen Elizabeth sent her first email while taking part in a network technology demonstration on march 26 1976. Now, what did it say, it’s kinda boring so like navigational instructions She became the first head of state ever to send an email and she’s gotten very tech savvy since then at present day she has the latest Ipad Mini, and she sends out a lot of emails, yes Just like our Prime minister. No, she doesn’t write them she has people for that.

Number Three:

She was shot at by a teenager, Yes actual bullets. No, it was not in a war, she never went on one. Kinda peace loving queen I guess. During her 55th birthday on June 13th, 1981 shots rang out, as Elizabeth rode her horse in a parade near Buckingham palace. The queen was never actually hit. She quickly calmed her horse and continued on with her show. The seventeen-year-old boy named Marcus Sarjeant fired six shots in the queen’s direction, Yes he was a pathetic shot. Well, this young man idealized the assassinations of John F Kennedy as well as John Lennon and wanted to recreate something like that for himself. Yup definitely needed better role models.


The queen Paid for her wedding dress in coupons. Yes, actual food coupons. Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten on November 20th, 1947, this was shortly after the end of the second world war and the population of England was getting buy in ration cards. Now this royal wedding was actually very practical, especially by royal standards and the queen had to save up her own ration coupons to afford the dress she wants. In the end, she got an ivory satin gown designed by Morman Hartnell and it was encrusted with 10,000 white pearls. What pearls cheaper than diamonds, right.


This woman Don’t need no passport. She reportedly visited more than hundred and sixteen countries during her 60-year reign and is the most widely traveled head of state, but she needs no passport babe. Why? Why not. Actually, all British passports are signed or sealed in the queen’s name on it so when she is the signing them what’s the point of having her own signature, it’s like “Yo I am here, YO”. On top of that, she doesn’t need a driver’s license, and she drives a lot, a lot-lot.


Everyone knows that the queen has a soft spot for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. No, I am not talking about chocolates it’s a species of small dogs. The queen owned around thirty. What many don’t know is that these dogs enjoy a better life than me. Yup, they have a personal room in Buckingham palace. They sleep in individual elevated wicker baskets to prevent any comfort issues and have an exclusive menu which includes fresh rabbits and beef served by a gourmet chef. In 2012 the Queen said that she didn’t want to breed any more corgis as she didn’t want to leave any young dog behind.


The queen holds several records in Guinness book. These are a few of her landmarks: she’s the world’s longest-reigning living queen and the oldest British monarch in history. She holds the world record for most currencies featuring the same individual. The queen appears on the coinage of at least 45 different countries, and also the wealthiest queen in the history with a personal fortune estimated at 310 million pounds. Since September 2015, she’s the longest reigning monarch in British history. You could say that, as with many of her other duties, she has taken the motto “long live the queen” quite seriously.