According to recent reports, the Disney/Fox deal will probably be announced on Thursday. What once seemed like a distant dream, is finally becoming the inevitable. The Mouse House had to compete with behemoths like Sony Pictures and Comcast to get its hands on the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, along with other properties like Alien, Predator and The Simpsons. But halfway through the battle, Comast backed out, leaving Sony and Disney to compete in the bidding war. But at the end, Disney emerged victorious, leaving many fans satisfied. While the deal for Fantastic Four is still unclear, we will probably get to see the Mutants sharing the screen with The Avengers.


While hardcore Marvel fans are euphoric with the merger, cinema lovers are not happy with the deal. Logan director James Mangold and Deadpool creator Rob Leifeld have expressed concern regarding the deal and the negative consequences the movie industry might have to face in the future. But with the deal being inevitable now, nothing much can be done about it.

According to CNBC, if the Disney/Fox deal goes smoothly, there will probably be a press conference at the end of it. The deal will also grant Disney the rights to Star TV networks, Sports networks, Avatar, and also, the TV rights of Batman. Importantly, the stakes in Hulu and Sky, which were previously under Fox’s ownership will now be owned by the Mouse House. Apart from that, the original Star Wars will now come under the big umbrella of Disney.

The deal is undoubtedly a huge news for Marvel fans, but, it’s advisable to look at the broader picture. Disney has previously acquired huge companies like Miramax, Pixar and LucasFilm. While Disney has been considerate enough to leave most of the creative pursuits untouched, but with it’s aggressive takeovers, Disney is trying to monopolize the film industry which has some severe repercussions. First, the deal will affect a lot of employees who maybe displaced or lose their jobs. Second, if Disney decides, it can streamline the entire creative properties, leading to creation of content which caters to only one kind of audience. With one less studio in the industry, it’s a possibility that the variety in TV series and movies might be reduced significantly.


Looking back at Logan and Deadpool, two critically acclaimed R-Rated movies which gained some big bucks for Fox, it’s hard to imagine that Disney would tone down the profanity and gore to cater to its audience in the near future. All the previous conglomerates which were acquired by Disney have been flourishing since their acquisitions, which gives hope that Disney won’t meddle much in Fox’s affairs. It’s highly possible that Fox will continue with its pursuits, while retaining its name, which has happened earlier with the previous acquisitions made by Disney. But as we said, proceed with caution.