Documentaries are usually boring or awesome. There is no in between. With the introduction of Netflix during 2016, there is a dramatic shift in audiences enough to explore through numerous series but bam! “Stranger things” just made sure that Netflix brings more quality to the expectations out there.

So here are top 10 documentaries which you might want to watch as soon as possible before it gets the cut.

1. Making a murderer

Murderers are plenty in number but then there is huge injustice too. Living in a paradox is what Steven Avery been facing till 2017. Accused of being a rapist and being proved as a dangerous murderer, the US legal system just decides to take a step back from saving innocent man’s life even though he did not commit any crime. This is more like a story coming right out of fiction.
This is binge-worthy documentary which is not to be missed at all

2. Chasing Coral

Imagine a world with no oceans but a barren land. No water, no fishes. Sounds horrible, isn’t it? In order to avoid such a chaotic scenario, Zackery Rago and his team decided to dive into the deep ocean to find the horrifying truth of existing Corals in the world which took them three years to document it.
But this is a serious climate change effect taking place. Check it out

3. Lo and Behold: Reveries of Connected World

The Internet is boon and bane. This documentary takes you to the extreme side of why the internet is awesome and also why it’s a curse at the same time. It’s pretty much awesome when its directed Werner Herzog. He reveals on how internet has remained as an element of past, present, and future

4. Daughters of the destiny

India is fast pace and developing country yet some of the parts of India are ignored. There is something called untouchability which still exists. There is class and caste difference but Shanti Bhavan is trying to eradicate poverty among the poor class by providing free education. Filmmaker Vanessa Roth decides to take a step forward to portray another side of the society which helps.

5. I’m Your Father

Everyone loves Darth Vader and everybody will love Darth Vader. David Prowse is one of those actors who was forgotten as a matter of fact since James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader. This documentary talks about David Prowse’s legacy as he retires from his career. A must watch for all Star Wars fan.

6. Tokyo Idols

As the title suggests, it may be a fun title to read but the horrifying truth of Tokyo idols is that ever-growing teenage girl bands in Japan are forever trying to satisfy the male fantasies. It just goes more depressing to understand that emotions are not given much importance and the crazy crowd just wants more of “kawaii” factor from the girls out there. Directed and produced by Kyoko Miyake

7. Citizen Four

Edward Snowden may not be a known name but he did what he had to. He had to reveal the truth of NSA where they illegally wiretapped all across to gain information from every nook and corner of USA by violating privacy rights. So how does this happen and how does Snowden decides to take a step to stop this. Everything about him protecting the citizen’s rights is documented in this series.

8. Under the Sun (North Korea)

Kim Jong Un is the leader of North Korea and he thinks that whatever he does is right. Knowing the world that nothing defeats him, he ensures that his citizen gets nothing but policy reformed maintained country filled with restrictions. Moreover, North Korea is like no freedom or impossible to live. What makes it more interesting is that there are class differences too. So make sure to check this documentary to understand more about North Korea.

9. Amanda Knox

Accused of murdering her roommate Meredith, some say it’s a sob story and some say “She really killed her roommate by helping out a rapist” but nobody knows the truth yet until a serious investigation starts and the clues of her killing roommate seem impossible. No concrete evidence but there are stories to narrate that she is the one. This documentary is more like a glimpse of reality where things go wrong even when you are true to yourself or not.

10. Dark Net

One of the documentaries which really talks about how the tv show “Black Mirror” exists in reality. This is mind-boggling but not for the faint-hearted one to realize the truth that there are crazy things out there which doesn’t emotions nor it tells you how to live. Very much sharp and pure to the reality