So, the biggest pitfall of the thriller-horror genre is being a cliche. But once in a while a movie comes in with something different, and that is what makes it FUN! Cabin in the Woods Cabin In The Woods was a fantastic example of genre mash up. The Witch showed off the fact that nothing can be more horrifying that human nature and what we can do to each other.  Don’t Breathe has something new to offer too. Mind you, this is not truly horror movie, but more in thriller section. It is in fact reverse home invasion. 3 thieves break in  to a house for a huge score. Thinking it will be easy, as the house is in a deserted part of city and only person living in it is an old blind guy.

However, there is one problem.


The blind man is a bad ass ex navy who can break every one of your bones ( I was gonna say with eyes closed, but …) without thinking. And suddenly  the criminals become the victims! They get trapped inside and they have to scramble across every nook and cranny of the house, just to find a way out. However, there are more horrors in this little house than one. And what you get is the most exciting thriller horror in recent times!

No doubt, the best thing about Don’t Breathe is Stephen Lang. He is just PERFECT for this role. Silent and yet deadly, he feels the house and screen with his presence. He goes after the intruders with the relentless of T-1000 in Terminator – Judgement day, and TBH, is about the same scary. Fede Alvarez did an absolutely fantastic job in writing him. His character uses available tools brilliantly and ruthlessly. And Stephen Lang takes up the few moments he is given to show off his acting chops too!

Jane Levy is another performer who shines in Don’t breathe. Glad to see her maturing from Suburgatory into this. MARK MY WORDS, she has a very bright future. While the other actors are Ok in their roles, it is Jane’s Rocky who brings across the horror of what is happening across. At the heart of it, the movie is a struggle between her and Lang’s Norman. SHE is the one who make the movie believable.



The beauty of Don’t breathe’s story lies in its simplicity. With one simple plot and a tight script, Writer-director Alvarez has done a great job. once the team enters the house, the tension keeps building and building with no let ups. In fact, I ABSOLUTELY HATED THE INTERVAL. If you see this movie, USA’s no interval policy makes a lot sense, lol. Don’t worry though, even after interval Don’t breathe does not let it go. Movie has lots of twists hidden in that house and you will remain on the edge of the seat through out.

One thing I must comment on about this movie – THE SILENCE. (No, not the Doctor Who monster, though i would watch that movie, lol!)

This is something that the Great Alfred Hitchcock was a master of. He LOVED using Silence to enhance the suspense. And Alvarez nailed it here! There are moments in the movie where the movie goes completely silent, the characters utterly still; and in that moment you will hold your breathe and keep utterly silent too. I mean, this is a perfect Popcorn movie, but during some of these moments, eating popcorn felt too loud, and JUST WRONG.

A truly superlative job on direction.


A horror movie is only as good as its climax and trust me, Don’t breathe NAILS that. I would like to say more, but that would obviously be spoilery


Like I said, the Back ground score is a living breathing character of the movie and I must say, they did a brilliant job. kudos to them!


This movie is not a gore horror, so you need not be afraid if you are squeamish. The movie still has got lots of good action and jump scares , so it will be still fun!


Don’t breathe is a fantastically directed, brilliantly acted piece of action thriller , that takes a genre and turns it on itself to give you something new, like Tucker & dale vs Evil( check it out some time!) Frankly speaking, the third most enjoyable movie for me this year after Zootopia and Civil war, and one of the best thriller movies I have seen in a long time. Should also prove conclusively that LANG ONLY SHOULD BE CABLE, lol.


Don’t think too much, just go to the nearest theater and enjoy this awesome movie before it goes out!

Don't Breathe REVIEW: Neither Breathe In Theaters, Nor At Home
Don't breathe is a fantastically directed, brilliantly acted piece of action thriller , that takes a genre and turns it on itself to give you something new
Music & Sound Effects84%
Cinematography & Special Effects88%
Entertainment Value92%
Thumbs Up
  • Interesting Plot
  • Fitting Climax
  • Perfect Background Score
Thumbs Down
  • A Bit Short Movie
88%Overall Score
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