Amidst the rising turmoil between India and Pakistan, the irresponsible statements made by the Pakistan have caught the eyes of developed nations. The Pakistani defence minister, Khawaja Mohammad Asif, said twice in the span of a week that his country could use tactical nuclear weapons against India.

“We will destroy India if it dares to impose war on us. Pakistan army is fully prepared to answer any misadventure of India. We have not made atomic device to display in a showcase. If a such a situation arises we will use it and eliminate India.”

His statements have forced US to publicly slam Pakistan. Obama administration officials on Friday very bluntly said

“We made that clear to them. Repeatedly. It is very concerning, it is a serious thing. Nuclear-capable states have a very clear responsibility to exercise restraint regarding nuclear weapons and missile capabilities. The safety of these weapons is always a concern for us. So we are always monitoring it, regardless of what they said on this particular occasion.”

And now, a senior journalist and noted Pakistani political analyst, Hassan Nisar has warned his country’s leadership to stop threatening India with a nuclear attack. He told Dunya News that a nuclear attack on India will be suicidal. He logically explains why Pakistan should never think of waging nuclear war with India.

“India’s population is over one billion and Pakistan’s population is 18 crore. In the event of a nuclear war, even if you inflict four times more casualties on India, there would be more than 20 crore people living in India. But, by then Pakistan will be finished”

When it comes to nuclear strike, India has a strict No-First-Use doctrine. So, it will never strike with nuclear weapons first. However, the same doctrine states that in case of a nuclear attack, no big or small, India has power to retaliate with full force and no nation can interrupt India from doing so. This doctrine was accepted in UN and signed by all the permanent members. So, before making empty-threats and thereby escalating tension further, the administration of Pakistan should better focus on flushing out terrorists and militant groups who caused the tension to rise in first place.