Ed Sheeran’s much-awaited album ‘Divide’ is out and we couldn’t be happier. The album consists of a wide range of tempo and style. Some people are of the opinion that it includes some country, some Spanish influence (just one song) and classic Ed Sheeran mellowness.


This album might get a lot of critical reception based on the variety of fans out there. The album is influenced by nostalgia, happiness, fragrances and what not. Each song is different in its own way. It is true to Ed Sheeran, in a way that his songs are not repetitive. There is an obvious impact of his travels and social media hiatus on his songs, in more ways than one. The fans who want pop, however, might be disappointed. ‘Shape of You’ being the catchy track that it is, may not replicate the same following for the rest of the album.

Where and what to listen?

Shoutout to: – Eraser, Dive, Galway Girl, Bibia Be Ye Ye (speaking about the ones that weren’t released in advance)

The entire playlist is on Ed Sheeran’s Youtube channel (here) or you can click here.

For those with a Spotify account or free access, you can access the album below.

We shall be back with a review of the album once we have heard it thoroughly. From first impressions, the vibes are brilliant. Questioning Ed Sheeran would be an unreal thing and the tracks are rich in their division of genres within themselves. Ed Sheeran will be proud of this album and so are we.