Ed Sheeran released “How would you feel”, a new track from the upcoming album ‘Divide’. The song unlike “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” is a tender song with a different pace altogether. The track was released on behalf of his birthday for his fans. The singer who is now 26 years old is building the hype for his new album in a brilliant manner.

To listen to the track, click on the play button on the image above or click here.

How would you feel?

The Grammy winner announced on twitter that this song was one of his favorites.

The song appears to be dedicated to a lover and talks about love. It’s Ed Sheeran’s magic yet again, making us melt in the mellow tunes of his brilliant, expressive lyrics that capture one’s mind. His songs can control minds I tell you!

High Expectations:-

The release of tracks in a systematic manner have led to a fantastic build up so far. To be honest, Ed Sheeran is yet to disappoint us unlike some other artists out there. One can only imagine how much better this album will be. ‘X’ (multiply) was sensational and we already have these three songs which have been beyond epic. Will the album be the best one yet? Only time will tell. For now, we have to just enjoy the Ed Sheeran music that is accessible.