Eminem/Slim shady (Marshall Bruce Mathers III)

Rap God himself, Eminem, is a very peculiar human being. A perfect blend of cockiness and keeping his feet on the ground, Marshall has shown his haters again and again that he deserves the title he has earned. But what is his secret to success? A large number of young artists look up to him in hopes of cracking the code of his god gifted skill, while others claim that his success is nothing but a stroke of luck.

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Marshall mathers

Is there a secret to his success?

The secret to Eminem’s success is as open and hard to reach as the sky itself. It’s hard work with occasional tricks. Some of his best advice to artists who want to make it big in the industry are

  • Learn to treat words as puzzles and join them together in ways never done before.
  • Create an alter ego who can do the things you are afraid to do.
  • Study the great rappers who came before you.
  • Practice.

Contrary to popular belief that Marshall’s ability to rap flawlessly is just a skill he picked up, he has revealed that to write songs he regularly reads the dictionary. This shows his dedication to the thing he loves as well as to his fans.To provide good content he “bullies himself to work”.

Why do people like him?

Marshall’s music is filled with strong emotions, be it anger(kim), sadness (mockingbird), bullying (legacy) or cockiness (without me). This emotion-filled music pulls all sorts of audience towards him. His cleverly constructed lyrics with the occasional pun also has its loyal fan base. And his relatable backstory filled with colors of a broken family, bullying, depression and making himself successful with only his natural skill and hard work make him an ideal inspiration to many people.





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