Trapped in a monotonous¬†and boring town which they live in, Alyssa and James shared a world which is always misunderstood by others. Understanding the town and the people weren’t James’s cup of tea nor Alyssa’s. Based on Charles S Forsman’s comic hit “TEOTFW”, Channel 4 and Netflix joins together to produce a teen thriller which is filled with several elements which are common in this technologically brainwashed world.

The trailer itself gives a glimpse of what the series all about but what the tv series shows is the dark comedy involved with issues which are dealt in the current world. The portrayal of the ambiguity in the couple dynamics matches of that of Bonnie and Clyde concept. Thieving to escape from hunger, murder and then escaping from the concept of stupid parents have made it even more interesting in each episode.

It involves with serious awareness which is taken in dark comedy. British comedy never fails to humor the audience. If one has seen it, they will surely realize that emotions have its own places when you turn into an adult.

When you keep binge watching this series, one can actually see the character development of James and Alyssa. Some might even hashtag the couple as “relationship goals” but it’s definitely not toxic. It’s heartwarming and a splendid amount of trust development is seen in this series.

James(Alex Lawther) is more of a self-claimed psychopath who thinks he is completely deranged with immoralistic philosophy and his emotions are just hidden in the walls which one cant seem to understand. Realising that “Silence does crumble your walls to make noise” is another way of saying “do not shut yourself down when you are facing more sadness in this world”. His character turns out to be a complete meltdown.

Alyssa (Jessica Barden) is a self-destructive character who thinks the world is boring. She decides to pick up hints from her stepdad that she is unwanted in the family. So she decides to be self-destructive by running away from mum.

The plot is same as the comic series. Its modern teensy angst filled with ideas of freedom in the boring world yet the indie pop music which is contributed to the series can make it even more refreshing to watch this series. It’s a binge-worthy.

The End of the F***ing World Review
Creativity 89%
Plot 88%
Music & Sound Effects87%
Cinematography & Special Effects87%
Entertainment Value 87%
  • Interesting Plot
  • Character development
  • Beautiful Indie Pop Music
88%Overall Score
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