Marvel recently released a mini mocumentary starring Thor and his new roommate in Australia Darryl online. The 3.5 minute short about Thor’s whereabouts during Captain America: Civil War has since then gone viral. Anyone who has seen this video┬ásimply cannot not love it. The only reason someone would hate this clip is if they haven’t watched it yet. So don’t worry, we have embedded that video above. Thank us later ­čśŤ

Directed by Thor: Ragnarok director Taiki Waiti, we see a completely different side of Odinson about which we only had glimpses here and there in previous movies.┬áThe clip, which shows Thor hanging out as a beach bum in Australia with an average roommate named Darryl, has already racked up 6.3 million Youtube views alone and now a fan petition has been started by Marvel fan Ty Schmidt to try and get Netflix and Marvel to turn it into a series.┬á Before we continue, here’s the link to that petition, because there is absolutely┬áno doubt that after watching the video, you also want this to be a thing. If you don’t, go and watch the brooding DCEU.

The video also shows some friendly banter between Thor and Banner and it’s funny. Taiki Waiti did say that the movie will have a lot of “bro” moments between these two lead characters, and after watching this clip, we are really excited for the film. Now coming to the elephant in the room. By the time of writing this article, the number of petitioners has crossed 2000, yet the prospect of the series is extremely unlikely. However, further short films like these before the release of Thor: Ragnarok can be done if the Marvel gods please. So, please GOD, make it happen!