After Mindhunter season 1, it’ s just clearly disturbing on how serial killers look sane and logical to what they did. Men have committed a lot of murders in the past years. And their female counterparts are deadly as it gets.

This is going to be a really long list of serial killers because one can never figure out the logic behind their killing spree.

 Leonarda Cianciulli

Leonarda Cianciulli A.K.A Soap-Maker of Correggio

Leonarda is one of those women who is brainwashed with the fact that things can be changed by crazy rituals. She was a superstitious woman. Ever since she heard about her son was drafted to join the Italian Army, she believed that human sacrifice is the possible way to protect her son. So she murdered three women by giving them drugged wine then she butchered them with the help of an ax. She created tea cakes and soaps by using the human flesh. As for tea cakes, she served it to her family and neighbors. And soap was used for bathing purpose by her husband and her.

Cianciulli was found guilty. She was sentenced to thirty years in prison and three years to be spent in the criminal asylum. In the meantime, she wrote a memoir called An Embittered Soul’s Confessions. 

Here is one more interesting fact, the pot in which she boiled her victim’s body is displayed in Rome’s criminological Museum.

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Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley A.K.A The Moors Murderer

She was also called “the evil woman in Britain”. She and her lover Ian Brady plotted rapes and death of five children. They carried with torturing of those children till 1965. She was found guilty and died at the age of 60 in the year 2002.

The reason of her death: Myocardial infarction

You can check the documentary “MYRA HINDLEY: MAKING OF A MONSTER” which explains her reason to rape and kill children.

Nannie Doss

Nannie Doss A.K.A Giggling Nannie

She was responsible for the deaths of 11 people between the 1920s and 1954.Those victims were her own family members. She used arsenic way of slaying off her spouses(4), her mother, mother in law, two of her children, nephew, and her own grandson.

She was caught after killing husband number five, who survived her first poisoning attempt, recovered, and then was struck down a second time and died.

A physician, suspecting foul play, convinced Doss to allow him to perform an autopsy – where he discovered an industrial-scale amount of arsenic in his body.

According to Gizmodo, she stirred the poison into stewed prunes, coffee, and moonshine which she then gave to her victims.

Moreover,  she became known as “The Giggling Nannie” due to her tendency to laugh merrily during interrogations. Of her murdered lovers she said, “I was searching for the perfect mate, the real romance of life.”

She died at the age of

Check the documentary to understand better

Juana Barazza

Juana Barazza A.K.A The Old Lady Killer

She was also known as  “La Mataviejitas” as she had killed 11 elderly women or more. She was a professional wrestler and also had a very bad childhood. She had an alcoholic mother who let her rape for three beers.

Juana would gain entry to elderly women’s homes by pretending to be a nurse or social worker, then strangle them with cords or stockings found inside their houses.

According to The Guardian, she stole religious artifacts from her victims’ homes, such as crosses, crucifixes, and bibles.

Barraza was jailed for a total of 759 years

Miyuki Ishikawa

Miyuki Ishikawa, a Japanese midwife killed more than 103 infants throughout 1940s.

Her killings occurred while she worked in the hospital after patients, often struggling financially, were found to be unable to care for their newborns.

Most of the children died of neglect. Despite other midwives being aware of what she was doing, she wasn’t stopped until cops found the bodies of five babies.

Born in 1897, she claimed the mothers who abandoned the children were responsible for their deaths.

Incredibly, she was sentenced to only eight years in prison – and then had this HALVED on appeal. Her reign of terror is now believed to be the reason Japan ushered in legal abortion laws.

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Dagmar Overbye

Dagmar Overbye is Danish serial killer. She killed several children and also one of her own too.

According to Murderpedia, between 1913 – 1920, she killed 25 youngsters by drowning, strangulation or burning them alive in her masonry fire.

Her sentence was eventually commuted to life imprisonment and she died in jail in 1929 at the age of 42.

Beverley Allitt

Beverley Allitt A.K.A Angel of death 

.Another children killer Operating from a hospital in Lincolnshire, Britain, she murdered four children, attempted to murder another three and caused GBH to six more.

In 1994, She was found guilty.

The Guardian reported she suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy – an illness in which a caregiver exaggerates or induces health problems among those in their care to engender sympathy from others.

Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan A.K.A Jolly Jane

In the year 1931, she confessed that she murdered 31 individuals. She was the sadistic nurse who experimented morphine and atropine on patients. She was not found guilty due to her insanity.

She used to provide more drugs to the patients so that they would die faster and this provided her sexual thrill.

The killer angel claimed her goal was “to have killed more people–helpless people–than any other man or woman who ever lived.”

She was found insane and sentenced to life in prison, where she died in 1938 aged 84.

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Vera Renczi

Vera Renczi A.K.A Black Widow 

Vera is obsessed with her motto “I want to be the last woman in their lives”, So she killed 35 individuals through the arsenic way of the slaying.

Her victims include her boyfriends, her two husbands and also her son.

She confessed to her murder during 1930s and was found guilty that she had to spend rest of her in prison

You can find more details in this documentary

Elena Lobacheva

Elena Lobacheva A.K.A Bride of Chucky or want to be known as bride of Chucky

Aged 27 currently murdered 14 homeless individuals as a task to clean up Moscow. She has confessed that she is inspired by the 1998 movie “Bride of Chucky”

And twisted part is she did claim that she got sexual pleasure by murdering 14 of these individuals.

Lobacheva confessed that she got inspired by Russian notorious killer “Alexander Pichushkin”

She is found guilty and has been sentenced to 13 years of prison life.

If these aren’t mentally disturbing for you, I don’t know what is. But these female serial killers can be a product of another tv show for profiling…