Frequency Season 1 Episode 1 Cast

  • Peyton List
  • Riley Smith
  • Devin Kelley
  • Lenny Jacobson
  • Daniel Bonjour
  • Anthony Ruivivar
  • Mekhi Phifer

Frequency Season 1 Episode 1 Genre

  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Sci-Fi

Frequency Season 1 Episode 1 First Impression

CW’s Frequency is a show centered around the consequences of messing up with time. A father-daughter pair – 20 years apart – communicate with each other through a ham radio and in doing so, they set a chain-reaction that messes up the present badly. Frequency show is based on 2000 film directed by Gregory Hoblit. Frequency Season 1 Episode 1 is basically the first half of the film. In the film, a NYPD cop John Sullivan is accidentally able to make contact with his deceased father Frank Sullivan who is a firefighter. Unfortunately, Frank is going to die the very next day, but with hints from his son he saves himself. However, his this action causes a butterfly effect that leads to murder of his wife (and John’s mother) by a serial killer. The second half of film then deals with them working together to stop the serial killer and save mother/wife.


Police Detective Raimy Sullivan Contacts Her Dead Father Over Ham Radio

As I watched the Frequency Season 1 Episode 1, the movie played parallel in my mind. Obviously there are some minor changes. There is a gender twist given to John Sullivan; it is now Raimy Sullivan played by Peyton List. And his father Frank Sullivan, played by Riley Smith, is also an undercover cop who would have died had Raimy not warned him. But the bulk of the narrative remains same. In the original timeline the serial killer had stopped his killing, but in this new timeline his menace is still on. And like the film, his latest target (in the past) is Raimy’s mom. However, there is also an undercover conspiracy storyline stemming in Frank’s police department. It will be interesting to see whether both storyline will intersect at some point or not.

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Judging by the first episode, the acting is solid from its two main characters. However, I am afraid the show won’t get past Season 1. The problem with Frequency is that it doesn’t belong in 2016. There are tonnes of shows out there that have already explored the consequences of changing time. And if you remove the time travel part of the narrative, all you are left with is a serial killer and police department conspiracy, which again have been done in several shows. There is nothing new here. Had this show debuted 5 years back, it would have greater chance of survival.

The competition for ratings and viewership is tough in network shows. Last year three shows based on highly successful films were cancelled, even though they had unique concepts. The creators of the shows must understand that some stories are better suited for films only. Adapting the same in 23-episode format will lead to monotonous episodes. You may enjoy first couple of episodes, but then it becomes tiring and dull. The ratings and viewership decline that forces networks to cancel the show after one season, or even midway.

In short, Frequency will have to reinvent its narrative at regular intervals. Stakes will have to keep rising in upcoming episodes. But above all, it should not necessarily stick with the film’s construct. Also, please please don’t make it a case-of-week show. Since the serial killer resumed his murder spree, I have gut wrenching feeling that to find the identity of killer, Raimy will have to solve the murder cases. The show will be wise not going down that road. Several good shows have been victims to case-of-week narrative. Changing time has drastic effects that often spills into other people lives too. Frequency will benefit in exploring such avenues.