We all know who are the Jedi and what they all stood for, so how did it all begin. I am here with the story of the first Jedi, Who they were, how they lived and how did it all begin.

Their history:

Je'daii Meditating On Tython

Je’daii Meditating On Tython

The Jedi order has existed for thousands of years keeping the peace over the galaxy and defending it from those who wish to conquer and kill. But it not always like this there was a time before the Jedi before the pure pursuit of the light side of the force before the order of the Jedi there was another collection of force wielders known as Je’daii. The Je’daii order was a collection of the galaxy’s most attuned individuals being both highly intelligent and highly spiritual.

They believed in balance, and also that there were a light and dark and the two needed to be accepted together. The Je’daii called what would be later called the light side as Ashla and the dark which they called Bogan. The Je’daii order lived and operated from the Tython where they stayed unaware and unaffected by the rest of the galaxy only focusing on themselves and their relationship to the force.

Above the planet of Tithan, there were two satellites one where light never reached and was always covered by darkness and one where light never left. If the member of the Je’daii order fell close to Ashla or Bogan they would be sent to one of the satellites representing their current sides. Where they would meditate until they again find the balance between the both sides of the force.

On Tithan, the Je’daii had Nine temples where every temple had a dedicated master. Members of the order would travel from one temple to another and learn more about the mysteries of the force.

Winds of change:

The Order Of Jedi Knights

The Order Of Jedi Knights

One faithful day, the forces of the Rakatan Infinite Empire invaded the Tython system. This forced the Je’daii to slowly break apart choosing to follow Ashla or Bogan. Though peaceful at first, the two side began coming into conflict with one another until a planet-wide war broke between the servants of light and dark. Many Je’daii fully embraced the darkness wishing to become as powerful as possible. While others became protector and servants of the light. For year’s war, would rage on the planet. The servants of the light now sickened decided to fully abandon the ways of the past and claimed the title of the Jedi knights whose purpose was to preserve the galaxy. These Jedi formed a council and over many years they fought back dark Jedi.

Eventually, many of the dark Je’daii’s would either die or flee Tython into unknown territories, where they would find an evil unseen them by before. The Jedi not successfully defeating the darkness chose to leave Tython, however before doing so they choose to gather as many texts as possible as they feared their brothers and sisters sired by the dark side may one day return. And also for the sake of their future generations.

A new home:

The Planet Of OSIS

The Planet Of OSIS

Upon leaving Tython, the Jedi order found a new home on the edge of the known galaxy called OSIS. On Osis, the Jedi flourished Helping any who needed it and studied the light side of the force while preaching about the danger and destructive nature of the dark. The Jedi also welcome others with similar views and philosophies into their order where would adapt certain aspects of other cultures.

The Jedi also kept a keen eye on the newly formed republic, providing occasional aid but refusing to become a permanent member of.Eventually though with time the Jedi did decide to become a part of the Republic. They were still operation out of Osis, they became its primary protector.

Second war:

The War With The Dark Jedi

The War With The Dark Jedi

With the passage of time, again through the order, the dark side would stir, and a group of Jedi would break off. Initially, peaceful the new order began practicing both the light and the dark similar to the original Je’dii. However, the Jedi and this new group known as the Dark Jedi would begin a war and brother and sister would again fight against one another.

The Dark Jedi would appeal to the Republic, claiming that the Jedi were nothing but selfish beings who have created an illusion of peacekeepers, But the republic saw through their lies and began aiding the Jedi Oder eventually helping them destroy the Dark Jedi.

Times of Turmoil:

After the war, both the Jedi and the Republic realized the importance of one another and the Jedi fully devoted themselves to the republic. After many years of working together effectively, the Republic fell under the rule of an evil supreme chancellor who committed genocide over certain species he deemed lesser. Because of this the Jedi again broke off from the republic and after further debate raised arms against them to finally end the tyranny. After successfully winning the war the Jedi again joined the Republic.

The Hundred Years of Darkness:

The Hundred Year of Darkness

The Hundred Year of Darkness

Unfortunately, for the third time the Dark side would grab hold of the Jedi order, and this time more substantial and damaging than ever. Some members of the Jedi order would become aware of the dark side alchemy and use it to experiments on innocent beings transforming them into monsters. The Jedi were forced to fight the dark side and this time for an extremely long period. This was later known as the Hundred-year darkness.

During this conflict, a revolutionary weapon was also introduced known as the lightsaber. After winning the destructive conflict the Jedi would banish the Dark Jedi to unknown space. Once in the uncharted space, these Dark Jedi would find something that the Jedi Order did not expect. And eventually, they would return far more powerful and dangerous than the Jedi could possibly imagine. This new order would plague the galaxy and Jedi for thousands of years Know as the Sith.

So that was the story of the first Jedi some of the major conflicts of the order. Hope you liked it. I will be back with the story of the first Sith. Thank You so much for reading, May the force be with you and have a great day….

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