The lightsaber an elegant weapon for a more civilized time, one of the greatest weapon ever imagined, the true weapon of a true Jedi but where did this light saver actually came from? Were the Jedi, responsible for the creation of the lightsaber?

This my young padawans is the story of the first lightsabers and let me warn you, the answer will definitely shock you.

1. The Forcesaber

An Forcesaber

A Forcesaber: the first lightsaber

Before the Lightsaber was even a conceivable concept, there was The Forcesaber, created by none other than the Dark side.

This masterpiece was nothing but the dark side’s energy channeled into a blade by crystals and alchemy. Long term use of the Forcesabers made its users crueler and darker. The forcesaber was so powerful that if by any chance a Jedi came in contact with it,  he ran the risk of turning to the dark side. The forcesaber was first used by a very technologically advanced race called the Rakata some 25,000 years before the “A new hope”. This gave the Dark side warriors, may the force be with them, an obvious advantage on the battlefield. The Je’daii to counter The forcesaber , developed The Protosaber. Long term use of the Forcesabers made its users cruelest and darker in their heart.

2. The Protosaber


Archaic lightsabers—commonly referred to as protosabers

In 25,793 Before the Battle of Yavin, the forces of the Rakatan Infinite Empire invaded the Tython system. It plunged the peace-loving society into a state of mass destruction and war. The predecessors of Jedi known as the Je’dai inhabited Tython during this time. They took inspirations from the deathly Forcesaber to create a weapon to counter it. This led to the creation of the Protosaber. These Protosabers were similar to the Forcesabers minus the side effect of the dark side of the force. Utilizing the frozen blaster technology they constructed the first lightsabers known as the Protosabers. But was the protosaber productive or counter-productive in fighting the ForceSaber?

These cumbersome lightsabers required an external power source, that was generally worn by their users on their backs or strapped on to their waist. A power cord connected the saber to its power source. The main drawback of the protosabers was this power cord. During a battle, the wielder, not only had to defend himself from his opponent’s attacks but also protect this power cord. If that cord was cut by your enemy it meant imminent death to you, practically you were defenseless. This made fighting with these Protosabers a living nightmare.

3. The Lightsaber

Red Lightsaber

A Sith Lightsaber

The modern-day Lightsabers evolved from these clunky Protosabers. With Improving technologies the Sith finally invented a sophisticated power source that would fit in the hilt of the Lightsaber. This replaced the external power source of the Protosaber, creating the galaxy’s first Lightsabers. Further refinements to this primitive Lightsaber gave birth to the modern Lightsaber, the lightsaber we all know and love so well. The Sith’s also invented the synthetic crystals that gave the red hue to their  Lightsabers.

During the Great Hyperspace war, Jedi finally started wielding these so called modern Lightsaber some 5000 years before the  A new hope.

So, ironically, the new Lightsaber that would become the Jedi’s signature weapon was actually made by their archenemies, the Sith.