Season 3 of The Flash was a bit of a letdown. The Dark and gritty tales of Savitar and Barry playing merry go round around Iris didn’t exactly sit well with fans. Naturally, it drew a lot of criticism. For most of the CW show’s fans, it proved to be the final nail in the coffin. The show had reached rock bottom. Never to get up again. Or so it seemed. With The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 premiering yesterday, most of us were proved wrong. The wrongs have been righted ladies and gentlemen. The good old fashioned fun is back!!

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The series begins with Cisco aka The Vibe and Wally aka Kid Flash trying to stop Peek-a-boo(Britne Oldford) from further mischief. Iris has taken the reins of the operations and Joe seems to be in on the action as well. Fan favorite Tom Cavanagh is nowhere to be found… yet and Julian has moved to London. So when Samuroid wrecks havoc and demands the flash, the not so efficient team brings Barry back. A disillusioned Flash returns back to central city with his mind gone completely haywire. Yet after Iris willingly puts her life in danger, The Flash somehow (magically ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) becomes completely sane. Samuroid is taken down for good and Emo Barry returns.

With half a year under their belt, not exactly the best story they could come up with. Yet ifย  an episode is done right, even a generic premise can have a wow factor. The Flash manages to do just that. It takes a simple story, mixes it up with a bit of suspense, action, and a lot less romance to give us a taste of classic entertainment.

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With too many characters under one roof, the direction was going loco plot-wise last season. Glad would be the fans to know that this season premiered with only the core characters in the fray. The show-runners took a wise decision to make do with that and give the fans what they wanted. A lot less gears would mean the show could focus on the singular dynamics between the major characters. Last time it happened, CW gave us The Flash Season 1.

Coming to the characters, Cisco is a real game changer. He has blossomed into this weird yet confident persona no one could really hate. Even after wearing his vibe glasses and becoming a superhero, he still hasn’t lost touch with his best self. Kudos there Carlos Valdes. Wally West has scored too. No longer under Barry’s shadow, Kid Flash finally is the guy everyone wanted him to be ever since season 3. Joe carries on his father figure story effortlessly and Caitlin’s ambiguous character development was somewhat off the mark yet still acceptable.

And for those of you sorry whiners who think the villains of The Flash have become generic, I have good news. The Thinker is the villain for this season. A non speedster, human like character thats much more ‘relatable’. So take that tissue and wipe off those tears ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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I haven’t even told you the best part yet.

IRIS IS NO MORE ANNOYING! You heard me fellas. The last three seasons never really did Candice Patton’s character any justice. Forever the damsel in distress, Iris West became the object of hate in the entire Arrowverse. “Never again” says the new Iris. The seaosn 4 Iris is a total badass. From taking the hard decisions for the team to taking no crap from anyone, Iris West is one bitch no one should mess with. If she goes on being this awesome, I see a lot of people having a change of heart in the future.

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Lastly, a thing worth mentioning is the incredible use of CGI in the season premiere. To be frank, its one of the best in the entire Arrowverse. Barry dons his new suit and goes hunting, doing leaps and bounds not even superhumanly possible. Even Kid Flash does some pretty cool maneuvers just as the show starts while apprehending peek-a-boo. The special effects are a big, big thumbs up this season. Looking forward to more of them CGI mayhem.

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Still the Flash isn’t completely without it’s flaws. Balancing so much into a 40 minute episode takes skills, perhaps even metahuman skills. And the show-runners aren’t. The cliffhanger was a major plot point that could have been explored in detail this season. It’s almost as if the writers never remembered they had a cliffhanger to begin with. A nice build up of suspense could have hit the show a homerun. Moreover, Barry’s ‘Speedforce Dementia’ could also have been a thing to focus on. Caitlin explains it could be due to Barry running for thousands of years in the speed force. Thousnds of years of retrogade amnesia and all it takes is 10 minutes for Barry to snap out of it. The flaws are still there but they are not as noticeable as they were in Season 3.

Final Verdict:

Its good to see The Flash running back to its lighthearted roots. The return of theย likeable Barry Allen is a major plus point. The CGI is top notch. The story and the character arcs are actually interesting rather than sounding like fillers to extend the episode. Overall, I recommend looking forward to the next episode. I think for now, its safe to say “Run Barry Run!!”

The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 REVIEW: The Flash Reborn
Screw the rumors. Episode 1 is enjoyable as hell. But only time will tell if they can pull it off with the rest of the episodes too.
Music & Sound Effects72%
Cinematography & Special Effects90%
Entertainment Value75%
The Good
  • Special effects
  • No more emo Barry Allen
  • Iris becomes a badass
The Bad
  • Erroneous handling of season 3 cliffhanger
  • Plotline gets stupid at times
  • No Tom Cavanagh ๐Ÿ™
75%Overall Score
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