Today’s playlist consists of a variety of artists and genres, both popular and unpopular, common and uncommon to you’ll. We decided to create the most random playlist we have had up here, and at the same time, make it enjoyable and for some of you, playlist worthy! What do we have? Something fresh! Let’s go down, shall we?


  1. Jamie Scott – Unbreakable
    A song with a touching video and a voice that deserves more attention. If you like Kodaline, this song is a must listen because of similar vibes.
  2. LANY – Super Far
    This song is one of my favourite finds in recent times. Quite distinct and catchy!
  3. Green Day – Longview
    Underrated among those by Green Day but brilliant nonetheless.
  4. The Beach – Bite My Tongue
    Not what I usually listen to, but it’s surprisingly a great mood lifter.
  5. Sam Smith – Pray
    Sam Smith’s single from his new album retains the standards he set so far. Great vocals and a brilliant background arrangement as usual.
  6. WALK THE MOON – One Foot
    One for the upbeat fanatics. A good song to listen to on a drive!
  7. Vance Joy – Lay It On Me
    The gradual build-up of this song is arguably its highlight.
  8. X Ambassadors – Ahead Of Myself
    Influenced by pop this time around but still true to their original sound.
  9. Hedley – Better Days
    Hedley has a generic yet niche music. I don’t know how to explain, but if you listen you’d get my point.
  10. Jessie J – Not My Ex
    Jessie J’s new track is effective in more ways than one!

We do hope you like the variety of songs included, instead of a particular genre. Enjoy!