Attention Game of Thrones fans. Can’t wait for Season 7? No problem. The entire Game of Thrones Season 7 plot has just been leaked online on reddit. One reddit user, who has since then deleted his account, has seemingly posted the entire plot of season seven, which is set to premier in 2017. Another reddit user (and GoT fan) maureencreates has painstakingly put all the information in chronological order.

So people, if you wanna avoid any SPOILERS, you must turn away now. You have been warned!


The White Walkers march south towards the Wall.

Bran crosses the wall back to Westeros and meets Lord Commander Dolorus Edd.  (Bran filming at Castle Black Set)

Sansa offers the land of betraying family in North to the supporting family in North.

Jon doesn’t hold Karstark and Umber children responsible for their father’s actions.

Lyanna Mormont is unhappy with Jon’s decision. (Jon, Sansa and Lyanna have been spotted on Winterfell set)

Dany and her fleet arrives at Dragonstone and walks up the steps to reach Stannis’s War Room. Tyrion follows.

Dany picks up one of the chess pieces on the table.

Looking at Tyrion, she says, “Shall We Begin?” (Team Dany has been filming at Bilbao, Spain – Dragonstone set)

2. Episode 2

Dany requests an audience with all Northern lords in Dragonstone.

Jon and Davos decide to go to Dragonstone to acquire dragonglass.

Sansa is left in charge of Winterfell.

3. Episode 3


In Dragonstone, Jon and Davos are welcomed by Tyrion on the beach, who takes them to meet Dany.

Dany orders Jon to kneel, but he refuses.

Jon warns her about White Walker threat and the need to unite all the royal families.

Dany doesn’t believe her. So Davos tries to tell her about Jon’s resurrection.

Tyrion substantiates Jon’s sanity that leads to Dany respecting Jon.

Bran reaches Winterfell and Meera returns home to the Neck.

4. Episode 4

Arya makes her way back to Winterfell. (Arya has been spotted on the set of Winterfell)

5. Episode 5

Sam leaves his home for Winterfell with Gilly and the baby.

Joran reunites with Dany after curing his greyscale in Oldtown.

Jon is informed about Arya and Bran’s return through a raven

Jamie and Bronn meet with Tyrion and Davos.

Tyrion attempts to pursuade Jamie to get Cersei surrender to Dany. Jamie denies it.

6. Episode 6game-of-thrones-season-7

To prove the threat of White Walkers and unite other lords of Westeros, Jon sails to the easternmost Night’s Watch castle by sea to capture a White Walker.

Jon leads a small force (including Beric, Thoros, Tormund, Jorah and Gendry) but they are ambushed by the Night Kings army.

A zombie polar bear kills Thoros.

The team is surrounded on a frozen lake, close to defeat, when Dany arrives with her dragons.

She flies most of the team back to safety but Jon is left behind.

Night’s King is able to kill her dragon Viserion and resurrect it as his own zombie dragon.

Before Jon is killed by hoards of White Walkers, Benjen swoops in and saves him.

He sends Jon off on his horse and before getting surrounded by White Walkers, who presumably kills him.

Jon promised to lay down his title as the King in the North if Dany promises to help them stop the White Walkers.

7. Episode 7

Sansa sentences Peter ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish to death and Arya kills him.

Sam and Bran deduce Jon’s heritage, who is a legitimised Targaryen named “Aegon”.

Jon and Dany have sex on a boat heading back to the North.

Episode 7 ends with The Wall falling after the attack of Night’s King’s reanimated Viserion, who now breathes blue flame.

Wait, the show ain’t over yet. There are still events that maureencreates hasn’t been unable to sort under proper episode number. Instead, he has estimated the occurrence of following events as –

8. Episode 1/2/3

Cersei is pregnant again with Jamie’s child.

Dorne and High Garden are trashed by Lannisters.

Using Walder Frey’s face, Arya holds a banquet and poisons all his sons. Before that, she dismisses all the women.

During Arya’s journey to Winterfell, she encounters Nymeria.

9. Episode 3/4

Jon meets Theon while he is travelling to South of Winterfell.

Jon tells Theon he owes his life to his good deed for Sansa.

10. Episode 4/5

The Dothraki and Dany attack Lannister army on their way back from the Reach.

Lannister army has giant spear gun for dragons, but still they are defeated.

Bron saves Jamie from a dragon, and they somehow manages to escape.

During this fight, Jon is at Dragonstone and he isn’t aligned with Dany yet.

Jon pets Drogon upon Dany’s return from the battle. Drogon allows Jon to pet him. This surprises Dany.

Initially, Jorah doesn’t trust Jon. But gradually he starts trusting him.

At Winterfell, Arya and Brienne spar over a confusion. Soon after, Brienne leaves Winterfell.

Jamie travels to Highgarden where Olenna drinks poison after admitting to killing Joffrey.

Jamie returns to King’s Landing for the dragonpit meeting.

11. Episode 5

Euron kills two of the Sand Snakes, imprisons Ellaria and makes her watch as Tyene dies a slow death from poison.

Euron’s fleet destroys Yara’s and he takes her prisoner.

Theon abandons her, jumps overboard and is rescued by some Iron Born.

Euron captures one of the Greyjoy siblings.

Dany torches some Westerosi lords, including Sam’s father and brother.

Tyrion spends most of the season advising Dany and planning an attack on Casterly Rock via a secret sewer entrance he used to sneak whores into the castle.

12. Episode 7

At dragonpit, all the surviving lords from the six seasons, are present.

Jon demonstrates the existence of White Walkers. Cersei is terrified.

She promises to send forces in the battle to defeat the undead.

Later, after the meeting, she confesses to Jamie that she lied. She wants White Walkers to clear out as many of her enemies as possible.

Jamie is disgusted and begins to ride North to help the Northern lords in their fight.

Tyrion tries to talk some sense into Cersei after this revelation.
Phew! The leaked plot itself is rather comprehensive, isn’t it? Nobody knows for sure whether these are true or not. But one thing is for sure. If even half of the above spoilers is true, Season 7 will be the most intense season of Game of Thrones.