In February 2017, Universal Pictures/Blumhouse Productions released a movie called Get Out and the horror-mystery has been making waves ever since. The movie made $ 100 million in sixteen days, the fastest for any movie made under the Blumhouse title. The movie made a whooping $ 247.5 million over it’s run and the most astonishing part about all this, is that the movie was shot on a mere budget of $4.5 million. You read that right, just $ 4.5 million dollars.

The movie stars Daniel Kaluuya, renowned for his role in a ‘Black Mirror’ episode, and Allison Williams who’s known most for her role in ‘Girls’. However, the real star of the movie has to be Jordan Peele, debutante writer and director. Jordan Peele has compiled horror with the theme of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and his taking is truly astonishing. His use of silence at points really creeps up to us. The movie starts off with Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), a black photographer, on his way to meet his white girlfriend’s parents. On reaching, he feels a sense of discomfort with the environment and has a strange feeling that her parents are racist. He however dismisses these thoughts and goes on about his stay with a sense of nervousness. It is only when weekend comes, things start to get real bizarre around him and Chris realizes something’s wrong. On his way to uncover the truth, Chris discovers something he could have never imagined.

The plot is a real big plus point for the movie. Jordan Peele took a social issue and made it into a movie with a horror and mystery backdrop. Jordan Peele’s creativity is also to be heavily appreciated, his taking with the background score combined, keeps us on the edge of our seat. The writer-director of Get Out is actually a renowned comedian, known for his Comedy Central show, Key and Pete. In an interview, Jordan Peele spoke out saying how he had always wanted to be a director since the age of 13.


Director Jordan Peele on the sets of ‘Get Out’ | photo :

While the profit speaks for how well the audience have appreciated the movie, the movie has also received huge critical acclaim and has a stunning 99% on the Tomatometer. Of all the movies that have released, Get Out still remains one of the best movies made this year. While Christopher Nolan’s Dunkrik, Darron Affronsky’s Mother and a lot more movies from acclaimed directors are yet to release, it feels good to see society-oriented conceptual movies like Get Out generate Oscar buzz. Get Out winning Best Picture would be huge because as far as history suggests, it’s been known that Horror films have a hard time winning under the category. The last horror flick that got nominated  for the category was Black Swan (2010) and the time before that was The Sixth Sense(1999).

So, if you do at all happen to get your hands on the movie, you might want it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here’s the trailer!