A group of paranormal researchers come together to prove the existence of ghosts when they uncover a sinister plot that will change the world forever. Sounds boring and overused? Think again. Director Paul Feig assembles a team that creates something extraordinary from an ordinary recipe – Ghostbusters.

The plot is fairly simple and straightforward. A socially awkward guy goes around NY releasing ghosts and the Ghostbusters, a rag-tag team of nerd scientists, play catchup until the grand finale where they defeat him once and for all. The story is predictable and full of cliches staple to adventure movies. The film is also filled with scientific jargon that you don’t understand initially. But as the film progresses, their repetitive blabbering gives you some idea about it. The science is a mixture of fictional and non-fictional elements and so don’t bother to make any sense of it. Abandon your scientific logic and go with the flow. You will definitely enjoy it.

I really liked the twist halfway into the film. It is something you will never see coming  and so points to the writer there. I can’t mention the twist without spoiling it, but I assure you, I shared the same surprised and wtf expression as the Ghostbusters. I was like, what now?

Ghostbusters is a comedy and it never forgets that. It’s hilarious both in dialogue in physical comedy – although the dialogue and interaction based humor works better than the physical which sometimes too much slides into over-long slapstick. The characters are well crafted and developed and by the time the credits roll out, you may get jealous of their friendship and chemistry.

The cast share a wonderful chemistry

The cast share a wonderful chemistry

Coming to the cast, let me confess to you all something. I didn’t know about Ghostbusters at all and had no idea that the 90s version of Ghostbusters is an iconic film. I was in this film only for Melissa MacCarthy whom I absolutely adored in the Spy. It’s safe to say, she didn’t disappoint. Her other teammates – Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate Mckinnon – were also comfortable in their roles. All four of them were like jigsaw puzzle that fitted together effortlessly. I especially enjoyed McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann performance as an engineer able to whip out any weapon in short time.

Chris Hemsworth's funny side up

Chris Hemsworth’s funny side up

Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin is a dimwit in the film. He plays an immature handsome receptionist who is only there for comedy reliefs. I have watched many films of Hemsworth but never never have I gotten the opportunity to witness this side of his. He is quirky, idiotic and funny. He steals every scene he is in. After watching him, I am looking forward to more of his similar works.

The CGI glowy and smoky specters perfectly fit with the tone of the film. It isn’t a horror film and hence the apparitions are deliberately crafted that way.  The semi-transparent ghosts and gooey ectoplasms reminded me of old-school Scooby Doo live-action films. I also liked the concepts and style of weapons designed by Holtzmann which are a spectacle to watch.

ghostbusters face a swarm of vengeful spirits

Ghostbusters face a swarm of vengeful spirits

By the time the film was over, I was craving for more. The film has received positive response from critics but unfortunately, its earning has been poor. There is an end-credit scene which briefly shows us the new villain. All the characters are set and new audience like me have been introduced to Ghostbusters’ M.O. It will be exciting to see where they go from here should a sequel happen. So guys, what did you think about Ghostbusters? Did you like the movie? Do you agree with our rating and review? Are you looking forward for the sequel? Comment below, let us know!

Ghostbusters REVIEW: Silly, Crazy And Awesome Adventure
Despite a terrible earning, 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters does an amazing job of entertaining people while setting the stage for an unlikely sequel.
Music & Sound Effects51%
Cinematography & Special Effects79%
Entertainment Value86%
Thumbs Up
  • Laughter Riot
  • Excellent Chemistry
  • Graceful cameos from the 80s Ghostbusters
Thumbs Down
  • Lazy Action Sequence
75%Overall Score
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