Heyoo people…. ๐Ÿ˜› Am back with a bang xD Too weird an opening! I know :p
Yes, so it’s time for my 3rd itch remember??? You guys have to act eager at least for my sake! Common man, I claim it now :p
So my 2nd was too serious a question right? ๐Ÿ˜› Well, I could figure that out only with the confused figures on many of my co-beings :p
But as a matter of fact, I would say, it is the run-of-the-mill situation which everyone face. It’s just that we fail to take notice of it. And how is that? Let me put it this way, how many of your shacks are always joyful with no complaints from either of your parents? Hey, not complaints about you :p We are hopeless! You got to agree to this because it isn’t a perfect day unless our parents yell at us about something right? :0
It is about few instances, things our parents regret about their own lives, that triggers a fight right? And more than half of them are about our terribly colossal families! And most of the times it is the family that one ends up supporting right?

Small fights create huge distances!

Small fights create huge distances!

Yes, so let me put this straight to you, what happens when your mom is right and your dad backs up his family? Feels like the lady, your mom isn’t family now? Well, this doesn’t mean your parents do not have clannish love between them, they definitely do, but there is something beyond love as I said!
It’s all about the intensity, the consistency! Of your love! Of your little acts that show your concern!

Recently I’ve been reading plenty of hilarious comments like...“Girls if you want a Bahubali, you got to be a Devasena too ๐Ÿ˜› ““Girls you have to learn a lot from Devasena! She has seen royalty and poverty, yet never complained about it to her husband!”So here comes in my verseHow many of you male Bahubalis have supported your wives against your mother in her difficult times when she was damn right????? No, I really need hilarious comments about this too :p Dare you people take no notice of this :p

Not every man is a Bahubali to get every Devasena out there :P What say?

Not every man is a Bahubali to get every Devasena out there ๐Ÿ˜› What say?

Finally, what girls want? All they want is you to stay true to them when they are to you. They are concerned about the little convos that make her happy! So guys, its never too late to express! And girls, it is never too late to speak your heart out, it’s never too late to give on a chance to your spouse if they realize, though you’ve lived half of your life! Because till then, I bet you would have learned to find happiness for yourself, so it would only add up!

And my savior, my bottom-line ๐Ÿ˜› …..there would be many guys who would fit in the lady’s shoes :p But to all of them, my articles follow the newton’s 3rd law! Love you newton xD!

Communication is vital for us to exist happy!!

Communication is vital for us to exist happy!!

Hey, this wasn’t my 3rd itch! So it isn’t over :p you still have to hang on to me :p

Am sure this would be the best time if I bring in this particular issue when “Mother’s Love” is in the air! Why? Mother’s Day, they say! Like every day can’t be one! Am no less! Even I posted a pic and did update my status xD Am a pleb too :p

When it is about mothers, why don’t we try thinking about all those “Single Mothers” out there??? All those mothers who actually get less love and more of suggestions, even from a noob, who feels he is an intellectual giving the “Big idea“!!
I’ve known many such ladies, whose courage I ought to salute! I used “courage” only because it wouldn’t be wrong to tag it as a synonym to all of them!
Well single mothers……..the very modern word, as they say, is the symbol of women without ethics! They call her incapable of managing her own family! While on the contrary, the world is busy posting pics with all those women who are so successful in severing their own family and yet are happy! No offense!

The result single mother is in itself a great struggle! Why do we fail to look at all the mishap the lady would have gone through?

Single mothers are equally beautiful...we just need to see!!!

Single mothers are equally beautiful…we just need to see!!!

I know this mom who raised her kid so well with every comfort she could enjoy, sacrificing her own, with every moral code of life! But all she got was sideswipes from her own family! Ever growing challenges with every stride! Ugly looks at every step! It was a herculean task for her to even find shelter for herself and her child, only because our broad-minded society was very helpful!
Why is she a single mother?? Well, she was married to such a man who feels her dowry was very less to meet his needs! To a man who wanted a boy, not a girl! To a man who wanted her to work just as an unpaid servant to his family! To a man who never had a thought of her life! Her needs! Her health! To a man who didn’t see anything wrong in harassing her every night! To a man who could abuse her round the clock!

Yet it wasn’t a chin-up act of her’s to come out and ask for justice right? Yet it wasn’t the right decision to leave her husband right????

Before you give in your Big Idea...think! think! n Think!!!

Before you give in your Big Idea…think! think! n Think!!!

What do you guys think?? What do you think all the single mothers out there ever want??? What do you think the lady in here would actually want????
With a hope that every person reading this would indeed give it a thought….which would at least kick start a small change….I sign off for now….waiting for your ever-fascinating views…comments….! Share it as much as you can people….because it’s high time we got lots of Bhallaladevudus around us :p