It was 2000 when M. Night Shyamalan, fresh of the success of ‘The Sixth Sense’, revealed another masterpiece to his fans. Starring Bruce Willis, Unbreakable’s realistic take on the superhero genre resonates with a lot of fans even today. Flash forward to 2016 and we have ‘Split’. While the former tells the superhero origin story of a broken yet noble soul, Split tells the origin story of a menacing super-villain. And soon, the angel and the demon are all set to clash in Shyamalan’s Unbreakable sequel titled ‘Glass’.

For the rookies who still haven’t seen both the movies (losers 🙁 ) here’s a quick sitrep.


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Unbreakable is essentially the story of Elijah Price/Samuel L. Jackson and David Dunn/Bruce Willis. Price is called Mr. Glass because he suffers from a rare disease that leaves most of his body brittle. Part of the reason he sets about finding the guy ‘on the other end of the curve’. Enter David Dunn. Adventure follows. Blah blah blah. Go watch the movie you morons 😉 !!!


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Split is a movie that features Kevin Wendell Crumb aka the Horde. A sinister schizophrenic psychopath played by James McAvoy with 23 personalities kidnaps three girls. Casey Cooke/Anya Taylor Joy being one among them. The story follows Casey dealing with Crumb and his 23 faces and an adrenaline fueled climax that will leave you craving for more.

Split was a movie that ended with a bang big enough to put Hiroshima to shame. The movie ends with David Dunn making a surprise appearance in a bar. Shyamalan released Split as a standalone sequel. Yet revealing Dunn at the end exposes Shyamalan’s idea of a shared universe where all the characters co-exist and might soon come face to face.


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The synopsis for Glass is pretty interesting too. The movie will follow David Dunn as he finds himself exchanging fists with Crumb. Price is the shadowy figure responsible for many of the events pivotal to both men. Anya Taylor Joy is also slated to have a critical role in the movie. Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story fame also appears.

Many other characters also make appearances in Glass. Joseph Dunn, the son of David Dunn in the movie is about to enter the frame. Charlayne Woodard who plays Elijah Price’s mother also makes an appearance. The movie is titled Glass after all, not Superhuman Fight Night. The backstory that leads to Price’s deadly obsession with superheroes will also finally come to light.



When is the release date?

Glass is all set to release on January 18, 2019. Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the movie stars  James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell crumb/The Horde, Bruce Willis as David Dunn and Samuel L. Jackson as the titular Mr. Glass.

For a movie “Seventeen years in making”, hopes will be just as high. Let us hope the movie gifts an epic ending to this sublime trilogy.