The month of August, when I was on my usual music hunting spree I found a recommendation which said ‘Bang, Bang’ by Green Day. It was quite surprising as I wasn’t aware about the new album coming out. Nonetheless, I carried on assuming it had to be some old track I hadn’t heard. When I clicked play, the vibes the song gave were reminiscent of the album ‘Dookie’ and had some St. Jimmy vibes too. Revolution Radio certainly is an album worth keeping, especially if you are punk rock fan. Punk is alive? It certainly is.

Most Green Day fans, me included, will find some of the songs in ‘Revolution Radio’ quite pleasing. Songs like Revolution Radio, Forever Now and Still Breathing are my pick of the lot making up for the miscalculations from the previous Trilogy of  ¡UNO!,¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ!. Tre Cool, the drummer, has been spot on as usual with his sensational rhythm and Billie Joe doesn’t seem to be aging. My biggest letdown would the lack of lyrical creativity  in songs like Youngblood. I’ve heard songs where Green Day have managed to make stories fit into lyrics but these one left me disappointed as soon as I heard.

The first track that they released officially from the lot, ‘Bang Bang’, relates to the shootings from the view of a protestor, possibly in light of the recent ones we have seen in the U.S. ‘Still Breathing’ is the melodic beauty of this album. Packed with nostalgia, this sensational track has a wonderful transition to the chorus with Tre Cool just complementing Billy Joe perfectly. ‘Revolution Radio’ is a song, unlike most other, which gets better each time you listen to it. ‘Forever now’ is probably the best traits of Green Day in one single song.

Should you buy it? Yes you definitely should. Where can you listen to it? All the tracks are out on YouTube; Some on the official channel and the rest by private YouTubers (for now). Green Day has come back with a Bang, well Bang Bang actually. I hope you enjoy the album as much as I did.