By now, every movie buff in general would be privy to the Disney-Fox deal. The merger has been termed “The Media Deal of the Century”. Disney bought Fox Studios and all its related assets for a hefty price of $ 52.4 Billion USD. Hollywood’s Big Six – Fox, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Comcast and Warner Bros. have been reduced to the Big Five. While fans are excited about the deal, Xtrascoop shall address the elephant in the room – Should Hollywood be worried by the Disney-Fox Merger?

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It is not always you witness something as grand and decisive as this. After eluding Disney for a good five years, Fox finally submits. And now Disney ends up owning about 27 percent of the entire movie Industry. But is Disney holding so much power over the film industry constructive? Will Disney choke the creative process of the film makers and start strong arming theater chains like it did during The Last Jedi? The MCU will massively benefit from this deal. But what about the film makers. Will Disney start a dictatorship?

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The answer is a weak yes. We are still not sure how the deal will affect H-Town. It could be constructive. Disney has made good movies in the past. But the popular opinion still remains biased towards a negative impact on the industry. One production powerhouse should not so much power. It does not bode well for competition. That is why Governments have laws against establishing a Monopoly market. Disney has bypassed those laws to establish one such monopoly right under everyone’s noses.

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The US Government recently launched an investigation into the legality of the merger. Should the investigation bear any fruits, the Deal could sink, leaving Disney out of the deal, and Fox  will stay independent and be $ 2.5 Billion USD richer. Several Governments in other countries are following the same route – Find a way to undermine the deal. Disney, after the deal comes into force, will become a media powerhouse and an information superpower in all but name. No one wants that kind of muscle in the hands of a private entity.

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So should Disney be reprimanded? Definitely not. They did everything within the law. Indie  and small time Filmmakers and their fans can cry all they want. What’s done is done. Disney now owns a third of  everything you see in your Television. What happens next? Your guess is as good as ours. The deal left the entire world in a polarized state. Is it good? Is it bad? Doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters now is if Disney stays Fairy Godmother or turns Cruella de Vil.